Love compatibility

Let’s think about whether an equilibrium can be achieved in relations on feng shui. Of course, the problems of personal relationships can not be solved with the help of any magic tools, however, using feng shui to correct the imbalance of your earth energy, you can learn to identify these problems and work on their solution.

Explore your energy. First, look around in your home and ask yourself the appropriate questions, so that you can realize what is happening in your life. Then consider the possible causes of disturbance of the balance of your energy of the earth and think about how they can be corrected.

Continue to observe. If you continue to ask yourself these questions throughout the rest of your life, you will feel that you are a more full-fledged person with firm ground under your feet. This, in turn, will make you a healthier person in a physical, moral and spiritual sense and will lead to the flowering of your personality. You will find that the things you need will be given to you, in addition, you will be in the right place and at the right time to meet if not with your life partner, then with new friends, or you can be offered a new job. The energy of the earth is so important for our overall well-being that even if we do not use feng shui for anything other than to get rid of the rubbish and to try to restore the balance of our earth energy, there will always be a turn in our life for the better .

Preservation of equilibrium in the relationship of Feng Shui. Other people instinctively feel that your energy of the earth is in a state of equilibrium, and they will reach out to you, feeling that you have managed to establish your life. Once you properly balance your energy of the earth, you will have a much greater chance of attracting a partner in life, whose energy of the earth is also in a state of equilibrium.

And again I return to my analogy with the flower: if you are a beautiful flower that does not have strong roots, then you are likely to attract a partner of the butterfly type, which you are interested only in the flowering state. However, when the flower fades due to its weak roots, this butterfly will fly to another flower. If you are in a balanced state, you will attract a person of the same type that will be most favorable to you. When two people converge with the balanced energy of the earth, maintaining relations with each other will become for them not a struggle, but an integral part of the natural cycle of life.