Such qualities as thoughtfulness, slowness and stability have their merits, and only people born under the signs of Virgo and Capricorn can understand and share your feelings in practice. If you need help and opinion different from your own – refer to the Twins, in moments of brainstorming they are very inspiring. Friends can become true friends and Pisces – in a friendly relationship, you used to take more, and they give. Hence the cherished harmony. Smart and strong Scorpio is able to win your respect. The hardest thing is with Aquarius – his eccentric views on life are contrary to your traditional values.

In friendship, you usually stick to two strategies, and for each of them fit their signs. The first is relations stretched in time; those people about whom you can say that you “have been together for a hundred years”. With this role, Libra and Aquarius will do an excellent job – they are able to maintain interest in their personality for decades and, so that they do not, stand by your side. The second – friends “here and now”, they quickly enter the category of “cool” and as quickly disappear from it. This is about Aries. A similar sense of humor is a pledge of a perfect union with Pisces, together you will laugh to tears. In contrast, the seriousness of Capricorn and Taurus frankly irritates you.

The most vulnerable sign of the zodiac surrounds itself with people who are able to understand the depth of their feelings and can calmly take sudden jumps of mood. You can rest assured, the sympathetic Pisces and the indifferent Libra will provide the necessary support in those moments when you most need it. Look closely at the charismatic Lions – their temperament and determination are damn contagious. Representatives of the fire element in general and “regal feline”, in particular, will help to mobilize and achieve the set goals. Balanced Taurus is an excellent companion for hobbies and sports. But the undisguised aggression and arrogant behavior of Scorpio provokes rejection from you from the first days of acquaintance.
Best friends among the signs of the zodiac
a lion

The most important thing for a strong, dynamic and resourceful Leo is a matter of trust. If a friend failed once and blurted out too much, in order to return the former location, years of futile attempts could go away. It is best to keep the language behind your teeth Aries and Sagittarians, with them you can build a strong partnership. Who sincerely admire self-confident Lions, so these are ambitious and practical Capricorns, that’s why they always keep such people in their close environment. And they are also intrigued from time to time by Aquarians – the only ones to whom lion’s charm does not spread. Who deduces power Lvov from himself, so these are unstable and hot-tempered Gemini.

Reliable, responsible and intelligent Virgo likes the company of emotionally stable friends, such as Taurus and Capricorn. On the other hand, they are attracted by the sensitivity and romantic spirit of Cancer – these are the people who can take care of Virgo, in those rare moments when they need it. If the heart requires change and a change in the course (love, worker), it is worthwhile to heed the advice of the friends of Streltsy and Gemini – something, but they do not take courage. With their help, the Virgin can easily achieve what is desired. Virgo – realists by nature, they are disgusted by the turbulent fantasy of Pisces, which often turns into a shameless lie.

With the representatives of this zodiac, without exaggeration, they want to be friends. The exceptional talent of listeners and open heart makes them faithful and sensitive companions for almost any sign. If you talk about your own preferences, the most comfortable is Libra next to Aquarius and Gemini. Leo, although he is heavy in character (he constantly strives to take patronage over you and dominate), often inspires creativity. And if life has acquired an unpleasant shade and you want to add to it a reasonable acuity, enlist the support of Aries. But the stubbornness of Capricorns and the aggression of the Scorpions are hard borne by even such balanced individuals as you.

The rhetorical question: is there a person in the Scorpion environment (and indeed a planet) who will be 100% consistent with their idea of ​​a perfect friend? Probably not. In the absence of such an ideal, he most likely surrounds himself with Cancers and Pisces, relying on this choice solely for his own intuition. These star representatives seem to them the most intelligent. For its part, Scorpio respects and accepts the authority of Lviv, and, one way or another, falls under the influence of their charisma. A certain semblance of stability is guaranteed by Aquarians, so you favorably accept their society. Once you undermine your trust, the Gemini will forever lose your disposition. Be on the alert!
Best friends among the signs of the zodiac

The most freedom-loving sign of the zodiac, and others sincerely admire its independence. In turn, you value your friends who do not impose their society on you and do not bother you with questions at those moments when you least want to explain something. This is best understood by the confident