Lunar Forecast

by | Sep 30, 2017 |

Today, 30 September 2017, the lunar day consists of the tenth (00:00 – 17:15 Moscow time) and the eleventh lunar days. The moon in the constellation Capricorn, then in the sign Aquarius. There is a fourteenth sunny day. The sun is in the sign of Libra.

Planet-ruler of the day: Saturn

The character of the 10th lunar day: there is a way out to the secret sources of knowledge. Day of spiritual independence, but not loneliness.

The symbol of the lunar day: the source of water (fountain) is connected with overflowing energy, recalls spiritual independence.

Favorable: be in the family, relax, invite relatives to visit, trade, buy, start a big business. It’s easy to build a house or repair it.

It is unfavorable: to break off relations, especially business ones, to travel.

Health: all patients are easier this day, even hopeless. Not to starve.

Stones of the lunar day: amber, olivine-chrysolite, sardonyx.

Characteristics of the 11th lunar day: a day of uncontrollable power. Beginners are not advised to do anything or practice. You can practice the body – walk, do exercises to increase flexibility and strength. On this day, be careful with insects. A day in which care and attention are needed in the performance of any business.

The symbol of the lunar day: a fiery sword, a crown, a ridge. The secret symbol is the Labyrinth, where man must conquer the Minotaur.

Favorable: to bring the business to the end, travel, move.

It is unfavorable: to start big businesses, trade, engage in dangerous work, kill insects.

Health: not very favorable, sharp spikes in the power of the mind and body. Do not engage in unfamiliar activities. For a severe impact on the patient a bad time.

Stones of the lunar day: fire opal, hematite, carnelian.

14th sunny day is the day of the Living Soul, quiet and harmonious. It is dedicated to the souls of all beings living in the world, abundance, fertility and beauty, the day of patronage to animals.

It is recommended: to build material plans, to take care of earthly goods, to care for animals, to put up, to marry, to give gifts, to give alms, to bake bread and pray for the souls of departed ancestors.

Not recommended: wear leather and fur things (especially those born on this day), quarrel.

Good signs: the signs are not followed, unless they are related to animals. Bad signs – blood, bites of parasites, breakages.

Stones of a sunny day: amazonite.

Colors of the day: harmonious soft colors, yellow-green, protective colors, only not red.

The day’s numbers: – 14, 24, 83.

The item of power: a rod, a mace (the object of pacification of dark forces).

The symbol of a sunny day: A cow, a symbol of harmony, non-resistance to evil by violence and beauty, which will save the world.

Antisymbol: Black rhinoceros, thick-skinned, malicious and stubborn.

Food: dairy products.

Daily horoscope

Dreams: foggy – not prophetic.