We are born for happiness. Mass of holidays, but for a person the most important is his day of birth – a personal celebration. On this day, the Sun again takes a position at the beginning of the birthday. The stars are ready and happy to make dreams come true!

However, this requires some effort of the person. You are given special energy on this day, use it for your own good.

Day 1. Personality

Your thoughts should be about personal realization. It’s advisable to carry out the thought process with your own head, thinking about personal interests, you will correct the interference of the person. No one will help you better yourself. You are responsible for your own destiny, not your parents, friends or government. Be honest with yourself, look at yourself soberly, after removing the “pink” glasses. Are you satisfied with the picture? The path is open to new horizons – just want it!

Day 2. Money

Present yourself a present. Anything, even a dress, dreaming at night, even a lollipop, even a villa on the beach. Ideally send yourself a money transfer or in some other way you need to replenish your bank account, the amount doesn’t matter. By this action, you promote the activation of personal financial flows, and the whole year you will not know the cash problems.

Day 3. Luck

In any way communicate with relatives, colleagues, neighbors, friends, classmates. Look at the popular forum on the Internet. Drive around the city by car. Sign up for some courses. In general, move and communicate. Then all year long luck will be in your pocket, ensuring your hit in the right “wave.”

Day 4. Family

Time to take care of relatives. At a minimum, call your parents, talk about your health, and say that you love and appreciate them. It’s better to buy a nice present (sweets, fruits) and to bring relatives. The departed parents are remembered in good past past moments. It is advisable to take care of your own home, for example, by making an amulet to the space of life, it will ensure the preservation of harmony and peace.

Day 5. Love

Love yourself, let them love you. Want to drive, add to the love of adventure game and intrigue. Only without fanaticism! Let there be a love triangle, but no more. Don’t forget about children, pay attention to them. Wake up the “inner child” and have fun at your fullest.

Day 6. Home

A deep sigh and a thorough cleaning of the home and workplace. If there is a need to visit a medical institution, it’s time to open the door of the nearest clinic. Going to work, you will leave earlier for at least one stop, walk on foot. Find on the Internet (buy a magazine, a book) information about the transition to a healthy lifestyle and begin to move by buying a subscription to the pool or gym. Carry out your long-cherished desire for a pet – buy a puppy, a kitten or a guinea pig.  

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Day 7. Marriage

It is mandatory to activate the relationship with the marriage partner. Husband for this you need to fork out in a jewelry store or in a flower pavilion. A woman should prepare dinner with homemade buns or a honey cake and aromatic tea / coffee. Family happiness and smells!

Day 8. The past

Hover a rustle in your memory – the past is in the trash. If family life is an endless Mexican soap, then turn the channel with a determined gesture. Boldly burn the bridges and let you don’t fear the debris above your head. What’s in the Kamasutra? It’s time to study with your partner one more pose.

Day 9. Unexpected

Remember, you wanted to fly? Straighten your wings! Start packing your bags for a long voyage. Doesn’t work? Suitable countryside hundred of land and there you can arrange a modest “Roman holidays”. Foreign color provide overseas dishes – Caesar salad, rolls, at worst pizza.  

Day 10. Careers

If you can find a fulcrum, then work on turning the Earth in the opposite direction. Open the door of the office of the bosses and put the chief in front of the fact that you have long been reputed a new post with a good salary. Before this, arm yourself with a self-made talisman of professional success and career growth. It’s time for workaholics to remember that a horse, working before the 7th sweat on a collective farm, will never become chairman, and what is done with this horse when its “pension” approaches.

Day 11. Friends

A day dedicated to friends. Communicate by any available means with them. If possible, arrange a friendly party by the fire (by the fireplace, just at the dinner table) with a guitar and a good mood.

Day 12. Destination

Here it is a sacrament. It’s great if you can leave a vain world and honestly talk to yourself, finding out what place I occupy in this world. Under the flickering light of a lighted candle, immerse yourself in meditation, meditation or silence. The flame of the candle will calm, drive away the heavy thoughts, point to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Everyone can become a magician. Your attitude towards what is happening is the basis for programming your life. Don’t break your fate, it is better to cooperate with her and live happily.

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