5 Signs of the zodiac who can’t forgive

Don’t expect that everything will be so easy with these five signs. What is the ability to forgive? This is difficult to do – very difficult, depending on who asked for forgiveness.


Aries will forgive you simply because he is Aries. He is a man of the “highest caste”, therefore, he will graciously grant you his forgiveness. But will not forget! Aries can generously forgive insolence, and even reconcile with the fact that you contradicted him. But he is right – always right! Because Aries will constantly remind you that he has come to meet you, therefore, you must constantly justify his forgiveness.


Scorpio doesn’t really like all of humanity as a whole. This means that if you have offended him, then run away from the city, from the country and even from this planet. He can stretch out his hand and say that you are forgiven, but don’t relax. Even if Scorpio forgave you in words, he will always be disappointed in you, and this disappointment will never disappear – never! Just be ready for it.


The inner optimism of Sagittarius allows him to forgive everyone. But his forgiveness comes simply from his frivolity and disorder. To be honest, he is too lazy to think about this, and he absolutely doesn’t care what people think. And he will never forget the offense, but also spend his time reminding about this, Sagittarius will not be either. He just lives his life and casually puts people on the “black list”.


For the most part, Capricorn spit on forgiveness. Technically, he can forgive you, but a month or, perhaps, even years later, he will remember it. At first glance it seems that everything is sort of settled, but ask yourself if you really were forgiven Capricorn at all. Capricorn will use every opportunity to remind you of what you have done.


Peaceful and tranquil Pisces long hold resentment in themselves. Oh, yes, of course, they forgave you formally and even you are smiling, but they will remember their whole life, and don’t expect – they will not forget. The Pisces are delicate, showing you that everything is in order, but from time to time they will certainly make caustic comments to offend you.

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