Ways to Be Happy

Probably, everyone in life had such a moment, and maybe more than once, when you understand: it’s time to change something. And then you are covered by an internal panic: what if it gets worse?

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A clear realization that something goes wrong in your life is the best motivation to change the situation. Don’t wait for the moment when awareness will come itself through some “big trouble”.

We were taught that you need to run at full speed or even faster, that you need to appreciate the concrete and the material. In this eternal haste, running around in circles, we often cease to understand what we are doing right and what is not. You had time, it’s great! But are you happy? 

What can you do if you have completely forgotten how to be happy?


1.Thoughts are positive

Haste begins in our head. How much of everything there is swarming! Sometimes we ourselves are surprised: “How could such a thing come into my head!” Meanwhile, thought, word and action, combined together, cause certain consequences: peace, softness, calmness, happiness … Or the complete opposites of these concepts. So learn to think positively. There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way. Being happy is the way. Sometimes it’s complicated, but very interesting.

2.Don’t be afraid to do good.

You probably noticed that the rule “what you sow, then reap” works flawlessly. I did and thought something good – I got a good one in return. And it doesn’t matter, for yourself or for another. And did something bad – be prepared to get bad. As soon as a person chooses to harmonize his inner world, useful books and interesting people appear from somewhere, even an accidentally dropped phrase already has meaning, and new information comes as if by itself. So the universe helps you.

3.Live here and now

This is not the advertising slogan of a popular drink. This is a common truth. Learn to enjoy the current moment. Don’t think solely about the future: “I will be happy when I marry / give birth to a child / earn a lot of money.” Remember that happiness is not a result, but a process. Today is a sunny day? In the evening you go to visit a friend? Day at work was easy and peaceful? Then smile! After all, all these are very pleasant little things.

Ways to Be Happy

4.Get rid of garbage

Stop harassing yourself about and without. Filter the information you get, and stop being a sponge that absorbs everything. Stop talking to people who bring negative things into your life, and curse yourself less often. Try to spend more time with those who charge you with energy, do what you really like. It’s like eating: the more tasty and healthy food you eat, the less you are drawn to any garbage.

5.Don’t put off your dreams for tomorrow

And don’t torture yourself with the fact that you can do something good the day after tomorrow. You refuse yourself in those classes that don’t bring money, and the joy of “bread is not namazhesh.” It isn’t right. We all need a portion of joy, and joy doesn’t always bring exclusively material things. So don’t be afraid to dream and go for your dream. It doesn’t matter how useful it is. It’s important how much joy she brings to you.

6.Find a Mentor for Yourself

A mentor is a person who will inspire you. It can be a psychologist, a trainer or just your girlfriend who will always help with kind and efficient advice. Or maybe your favorite magazine will be your teacher? When you learn to control your emotions and gain inner harmony, you yourself can become such a guru for someone.

7.Do yoga or meditation

Despite the difference in culture and mentality of the eastern and western people, we all strive for happiness. Eastern practices will help you learn to listen to yourself and understand your desires. With their help, you will find the inner balance and understand what happiness means to you. After all, it is known for everyone to have their own.

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