Alcohol Horoscope. Rating of Alcoholics and Zodiac Signs

Going to a warm company for gatherings with “degree” drinks, doesn’t interfere with knowing the truth about drinking companions, who is capable of what. This will help the alcohol horoscope.

Let’s start with the last place and gradually reach the leader of the alcohol horoscope.

Who is the main alcoholic on the sign of the zodiac.

12 place of alcohol horoscope — Capricorn

Conscious consumers of alcohol, versed in bouquets and years. Organoleptic method using the eyes and nose (color and smell) will accurately determine where the Irish, and where the Scottish. In cotton, corks distinguish brut from semi-dry. In a word, the product is transferred in vain.

The same gourmets by degree aren’t able to get drunk, in general such a phenomenon is unknown to them.


11th place — Pisces

Hunters to drink, but this event is not their shoulder. With a couple of sips, they crawl under the table, float away into the abyss, and in general chummier, and then guiltily lower their eyes in front of friends, colleagues and mother.

In fact, Pisces always splash in this very abyss, they simply begin to see clearly as a result of the couple of sips consumed and, realizing their true whereabouts, begin to spawn, clap their fins and loudly demand from the sea to beat them on the rocks. Without waiting for an answer, they themselves rush to the embrasure. At this moment on the way some kindly complacency arises, he manages to grab them by the fins and recommends that they no longer get so drunk. Strange, but Pisces listen, but not for long.


10th place of alcohol horoscope — Cancer

Big drinkers, with enthusiasm for a good snack, or rather under 50 good servings of snacks in pleasant company. But only a sip! Cancers, once stepped over this line, remember their liberties for a long time.

So, Cancer after such a party has two options — to sleep, because there is nothing more to lose, or to join the ranks of the sober. Curiously, but the second way is most of the Cancers.

9th place — Leo

The worst thing for Leo in the drinking business is to suffice too much and blurt out, spoiling what has been carefully collected bit by bit and fixed, namely reputation. She is entirely the fruit of the imagination of Leo the storyteller. Since the effect of alcohol on Leo is identical with the action of the serum of truth, he has to monitor the number of glasses toppled into himself. And then on a sober head with the same inspiration, he will talk about his exploits in the alcoholic field.

8th place of alcohol horoscope — Aquarius

Despite its fear of alcohol, in front of which the fear of spiders, terrorists, Aquarius courageously refuels with aqua, inviting in a perky voice to join it. Alcohol is the enemy, and Aquarius should not be afraid of enemies. Therefore, they selflessly sink to the bottom of the bottle, frightening those around them, who surrender that a man died in the clutches of a green serpent. In vain are nervous. Rare Aquarius gets drunk and even less often they drink too much, because this sign has never been heard of dependence.

7th place — Scorpio

In general, if we take into account the drinking experience and the volume used, then Scorpio can be awarded first place. True, there is no need for this, since alcoholics are rarely found among Scorpios. Scorpio, which has reached a condition, becomes a sweet, sweetheart and friend of all children — such a metamorphosis occurs under the influence of strong drinks, as a result of which Scorpio disables the function of misanthropy, which is, as you know, the fundamental basis of his personality. How can you lose this very person for a few bottles? Pride will not allow.

6 place — Virgo

The golden mean is awarded to the very quiet alcoholics, about whom they say: “Who would have thought ?!” Therefore, they don’t think that Virgos manage to control themselves during the whole drinking process and successfully create the appearance that there are some trifles — he missed a glass of champagne. In principle, they overturn pile by stack, pursuing a single goal — even for a moment, but to escape from under their own self-control.

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5th place of alcohol horoscope — Taurus

Everything is simple: Taurus teenagers, having become acquainted with the green snake, fall in love with him forever, and their joint life continues, based on mutual understanding, until withdrawal syndrome is squeezed into their relationship, which will separate them forever. Since for Taurus, one “cool” hangover is enough with coxae and a nurse on the bed and envy of the departed. Basta! By the glass no longer touch. Never. Since staying at the second mug of beer is the same as on a date, don’t walk a step to bed. Impossible!

4 place — Sagittarius

The closest mark to the top three. There are no happier drinks in this horoscope. Alcohol Sagittarius feel a faithful, sincere love that they receive from him in return. Sagittarius drink without a reason, but why is it needed? It’s so much fun and tasty! Thanks to Mother Nature, Sagittarius, healthy as bulls, which doesn’t allow them to sink to the very bottom, they can engage at any time, even in 100 years.

3rd place of alcohol horoscope — Libra

Congratulations to Libra with the bronze medal, which are applied for the sake of high goals. To maintain their fragile mental health, suffering through the fault of the imperfections of this world. So evening one-on-one meetings with strong drinks are obligatory for Libra, otherwise it will be full … (very bad). However, this is a short-term phenomenon, because the cunning Scales will find a way to get out. It will be necessary and learn how to turn water into wine.


2 place — Aries

The neck of Aries aggravates the silver medal, which adopted the craving for alcohol from its stellar generation. If Aries has not visited a squirrel at graduation at school, and by the end of the higher education institution he has not yet the second stage of alcoholism (which will accompany him until his last breath), then this is not Aries. Similarly, in the maternity hospital they confused and instead “slipped” Capricorn with his piety.


1st place — Gemini

Gemini is a detachment of sub personalities, constantly replacing each other. But they sit down at the table together. Collectively. That’s where it came from that you can not drink alone, because this is the right way to alcoholism. Shameless lies. You can plump one without fear. Gemini alcoholics become for another reason, they always have with them. And not only that drink, but with whom to drink there. Smart people in drinking buddies are always nice. In such a spiritual company and sleep is not a sin.

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