Astrology: The Impact of Space on Human Behavior

95% of people living on our planet, suffer from various ailments. Today about 7 thousand are described in the medical literature. Every year, scientists are developing more and more new drugs. But they can’t answer the main question: why do they help alone, and others don’t? Why, for some, is the diagnosis the reason to start a healthy lifestyle, and for others – a death sentence? Scientists can not answer this question, but astrologers tried to answer. They came to the conclusion that each person needs an individual approach. Take into account in the treatment you need everything, even the position of the planets in space. Today, a whole science is doing it – medical astrology.

Specialist in medical astrology Manuela Rufino begins his lectures with a chant. He conveys his knowledge about the impact of the planets and space on human health at his seminars in the US and Europe, and for those who can not visit them, he uploads a video version to the Internet.

The study of the planets in space is a whole science, because they influence us.” Mars, Saturn and other planets are the triggering mechanism of the events, “Rufino said.

Today, medical astrology is experiencing a real boom. A whole Internet channel is devoted to this trendy trend. Every day this channel is watched by tens of thousands of spectators around the world.

For what organs is Saturn responsible? Basically, for the bones, teeth, hip joint and chronic diseases.Why are the chronic ones? Because Saturn is a planet in space that moves very slowly. So, when you have a disease of Saturn, such as arthritis, – it runs very slowly, “- broadcasts from the screen a medical astrologer.

Specialists in medical astrology say this is not mysticism or quackery. Taking an astrology to the armament, to improve their methods of treatment can even an ordinary therapist. To begin with, he needs to start taking into account the psychological characteristics of the patient. For example, rams should not prescribe a daytime intake of aspirin, after which the whole day will have to spend in bed. They are too restless, and still can not lie idle. For hypothetical crayfish, a doctor should be convinced of the convincing arguments that the chosen treatment regimen is the most accurate.

And so for each sign of the zodiac: water – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces – more calm, more intuitive, cautious. Gemini should pay great attention to the prevention of diseases. In scales, ailments most often indicate that harmony has been disturbed in their lives. It’s enough for them to realize in which area they are behaving incorrectly so that the illness will pass. Pisces is best treated with homeopathic remedies, although if the representative of this sign lives on the seashore, engages in poetry and music, then the diseases will recede without medication. Aquarius is the main source of all diseases is stress. Doctors don’t need to be offered any medical assistance, until they themselves ask her. Otherwise, they will resist and refuse to take medication.

Leos are stars made proud, and therefore they don’t like to be treated – they consider this humiliating. However, they will never give up the beautiful manifestation of caring and love for their person. Among the Virgo there are many who have developed intuition and feel how to treat people. To Scorpions, doctors should pay special attention, because their diseases usually occur atypically. But for the streltsy the authority of the doctor is important, so it’s important to look solid before them. This approach in medicine at first glance looks innovative. However, little does anyone know that in ancient times astrology was an obligatory discipline for medical students.

In Hippocrates’ school, during diagnosis and treatment, it was necessary to take into account not only the patient’s horoscope based on the day of his birth, but also the current position of the planets at the time of treatment. Moreover, in the treatise of Tibetan medicine “Ontsar Gadon” the whole chapter is completely devoted to the description of the twelve signs of the Zodiac and their connection with various organs of the human body. Ancient physicians generally considered the human body as a system subject to the influence of the energy of the cosmos. This may seem incredible, but the more modern scientists study medical astrology, the more they come to the conclusion that it has a real scientific justification.

The Earth’s satellite, the Moon, is equal in astrology to the influence of the Sun and is responsible for the inner world of man and his genetics. And Moon is responsible for the stomach, digestion and all the fluids in the body. Scientifically proved that the force of its attraction, the Moon affects the oceans, causing ebbs and tides, which in turn have a direct effect on the human body, primarily on the distribution of blood in tissues and organs.

Many people believe that the Moon really influences their body. For example, with the full Moon some become more aggressive. The famous boxer Mohammed Ali frankly admitted that he prefers to fight at the full moon. Since these days he “become brutalized” and is able to “wipe out the enemy”.

In 2010, a group of psychiatrists from Florida decided to test the impact of the moon on people and began to study criminal statistics of the state for the past 15 years. The results of the research were simply staggering. It turned out that murders, robberies, car rides on a full moon are much larger than on normal days.

Astrology: The Impact of Space on Human Behavior

But that’s not all. Today, scientists came to the conclusion that the Sun also has an effect on man. The first time that the planet Earth receives from the star is not only warmth and light, said Soviet scientist Alexander Chizhevsky. As far back as 1915 he noticed: the x-ray radiation of the Sun (the so-called solar flares) often coincide with social upheavals. The scientist analyzed the state of the heavenly body in 1904. It turned out that this was the year of maximum activity of the sun. But it was in this year that the Russian-Japanese war began.

After 60 years of work Chizhevsky interested in the Institute of Morphology RAS. They conducted research on the effect of solar flares on humans. The results showed that the number of suicides and auto accidents sharply increases precisely in those days when flashes occur in the sun. The results of these studies once again confirmed the theory of Professor Chizhevsky.

Modern science already recognizes the influence of the Sun and whole space on the political processes, life and health of people, but while stubbornly denies the fact that other planets can influence the processes occurring on Earth. At the same time, scientists, for example, can not explain why, when Jupiter, Mars and Saturn are on the same straight line, amplified radio interference on shortwave waves appear on Earth. Or why, for example, every time the speed of Mercury is 0 degrees 59 minutes, the Dow Jones business index makes a sharp swing.

Despite the fact that science doesn’t yet recognize the impact of space on human behavior, research suggests the opposite.

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Astrology: The Impact of Space on Human Behavior
Astrology: The Impact of Space on Human Behavior