Astrology: Influence of the Stars on Human Destiny

Astrology, from ancient times, was an integral part of religion and history. And astrology itself gave an impetus to the development of culture. The power of the stars combines religion and science. It was an attempt to understand the influence of stars on human, which led to the need to study the mechanics of celestial bodies.

Many people thought about a rather complex issue: What determines the fate of a person? It seems that everything that happens to a person in advance is predetermined: a portion of griefs and joys allocated to a person is prescribed. And what is important is that everything in a person’s life occurs in a predetermined framework. From one this thought becomes uncomfortable – it means that all efforts to create your own life, in any case, will lead to a predetermined result.

It is believed that there are 3 main factors affecting the fate of a person. Factor 1: astrology, the position of the stars. Factor 2: parents. Factor 3: communication.

Astrology gives understanding of the influence of celestial bodies on the life and destiny of man: the Sun, the Moon, the planets, depending on their position relative to the zodiacal constellations.

Human cannot change the first two factors, but the third one is completely accessible for correction. It is communication that determines a person’s freedom in the broadest sense of the word. Therefore, it is most reasonable to approach very carefully the choice of the circle of your nearest communication.

Parents also affect the fate – because they do not accidentally come into our lives. Regardless of whether we are happy with our parents or not, as a result of reuniting the karma of parents, we come to this world with a certain destiny. The information matrix of the fate of parents has a huge impact on the formation of future children.

But back to the first factor – the stars. Each person’s birth moment corresponds to a special combination of planets. It is their position that creates a certain energy impact, which has specific characteristics.

So, it is known that some planets can deprive or, conversely, give power. There are planets that increase emotional sensitivity, increase will power and ability to concentrate, etc. Hence it follows that at the moment of birth, everyone acquires a definite planetary matrix of influence.

The man’s interest to the stars and theirs influence on destiny led to the creation of such a science as astrology.

It must be said that astrology, at the present time, is rapidly entering the everyday life of an ordinary person. While this group of predictive practices for a common citizen is only horoscopes and forecasts of a general nature. And very few people know that the earthlings are connected with each other by an inseparable connection – this role is performed by the personal karma of the person, the karma of the Earth and the karma of the stars. Astrologers have noticed such an interesting feature of the stars, as an influence on the fate of humans and the fact that people born under one constellation have a common destiny.

Fate and the stars are inseparable concepts, since they form the mindset and the type of thinking with full correspondence to the star under which the person was destined to be born. When composing an individual horoscope, the astrologer uses the mathematical calculation of the motion of the planets around the Sun and the path of visible movement of the Sun around the Earth. When constructing a horoscope an astrologer needs to know not only the date of birth, but also the time of birth. Of course, very few people know the exact time of their birth, but, given the fact that the location of the planets on their birthday is known, this may be enough to prepare an astrological report. Astrologers say that knowing the position of the stars at the time of birth, it is possible to determine its natural data, to say about its talents and possible problems. But in order to give a more detailed description of the personality characteristics of a person, it is required, on assurances of astrologers, to know and the time of conception.

There are times when a person is born before 9 months after conception. In this case, the sign of his birth will not accurately reflect those features that are actually inherent in him.

A horoscope can tell a person the most common things: is the situation favorable for the planned actions, are there any difficulties and disagreements, how happy marriage could be, whether the child has the ability to draw or play musical instruments, etc.

A horoscope is not a verdict, it is the path to the best realization of one’s abilities. Very much depends on the date of compiling the horoscope – after all, every day the position of the zodiacal circle changes, and hence the astrological forecast requires correction. Astrology connects man’s spiritual life with external factors. For example, with active Mars, people born under this sign feel a huge burst of energy, easily exit from any predicament and are tempted to move forward towards their intended goal. But people born under the sign of Venus, at this time experience relaxation and laziness, passively refer to events.

Undoubtedly, the greatest influence on man is rendered by the closest luminaries to the Earth – the Moon and the Sun. The location of the Sun in the horoscope indicates the manifestation of personality in various spheres of life – from friendly relations to career growth; determines what basic life principle will be supported by this person – or he will prefer to achieve his goal with the help of lies and deception, or be frank and honest in everything, etc. The position of the Sun in the horoscope will indicate even the fact that person chooses the way he communicates with people – emotional, mental or sensual.

From the location of the Moon in the horoscope depends the presence of force, which helps a person during his interaction with other people. Studying the position of the stars will help to answer the very difficult question: why is it difficult to find a compromise between the desire for sublime values (faith, love, peace) with the desire to possess more and more material goods.

The moon and the sun have a significant impact on all living organisms – and biologists have many confirmations. Each person lives in his biological rhythm. Knowing the horoscope, he unwittingly adjusts to him, and as a result, a person develops his own rhythm. Habitual rhythms in everyday life help a person to live more comfortably in society, and celestial events can significantly disrupt the routine rhythm of life.

Knowing this, we need to make an important conclusion for ourselves: we should not blindly obey the predictions of the stars, but it is necessary to comprehend the available information and use it to our advantage. The biological rhythm is very strictly correlated with the mechanics of celestial bodies, with the soul of man and with human physiology. Listening to your rhythm, first of all, touching the rhythm of the cosmos and vice versa.

People born under different signs, differently see the world, have different problems and are being improved by different ways. And this should be taken into account when building relationships in society.

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