How to choose a gift for the sign of the zodiac?

Of course, we don’t claim the truth in the last resort. If you want to know what to give to a particular person, tell him or her exact date of birth (including the hour of birth) to the astrologer, then the answer will be more precise. But we hope that this article will push you to the right thoughts and prompt ideas for successful gifts, based on common preferences of the signs of the zodiac.

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What to give to Aries?

Aries love bright and love impressions. They have a lot of energy and curiosity, which simply can not be wasted and not realized. Give Aries a bright sensation – a trip, a trip to some entertainment institution, a walk on stilts jolly-jumpers … something that will require energy and time and leave behind a great impression.

What to give to Taurus?

Taurus is useless to give something useless. And never give them what is recommended for Aries – it strains them and upsets them. Give something that doesn’t require you to go somewhere. Of course, they appreciate everything that is elegant and they taste good. That is, you can give a useless, but beautiful and rare statuette. However, this gift, even if beautiful and refined, will be considered by bodies only from the point of view of usefulness: so if they live in a removable dwelling, then they will think about the statuette “I don’t need it, I have nowhere to put it.”

What to give to Gemini?

Twins want as a gift something funny, original and that you can use. And don’t forget anything sweet. Twins are big children. They can donate and trinkets from Le Futur and useful gadgets like a handheld.

What to give to Cancers?

Cancers at first glance are harsh, but really romantic by nature. Like bulls, they love their home. Therefore, Cancer is approached with something sweet, romantic or some kind of interior like a nice statuette (if, of course, the unfortunate Cancer is no longer full of house statues). A beautiful keychain for keys, a flash drive, some small things that are always needed, but not always reach the hands to buy it beautiful – should like Cancer.

What to give to the Leos?

Leos love everything brilliant and elegant, status. A gift should add to them the rays of glory. In this regard, an expensive leather handbag, jewelry with at least small, but brilliant, a tablet computer, a good and stylish mobile phone is good. Such gifts the Leos will accept with favor. An inadequate stylish gift can offend them.

What to give to Virgo?

The Virgo wants a world domination as a gift. But this, of course, is a joke. Although, offer it to them – unlikely to refuse, but that’s just not enough to give it from you. You will be surprised, but for the Virgo the best gift is a book. An analytical mindset, the ability to receive, process and transmit information – all this will get food. That’s only to choose a book you need to approach carefully. In addition, practical gifts like those that we can give Cancer. That’s just impractical graceful statuettes don’t.

What to give to Libra?

Libra wants diversity and loves everything beautiful and sweet. In addition, they adore accessories – beautiful housekeepers, trinkets, mirrors, purses, phone cases, gymnastics, lipsticks … anything. Any bookmark for books from metal or a fountain pen (provided that they like to write it) will please the scales and quite. You can also add handkerchiefs, hats, bags, gloves, cufflinks here … in general, to the accessories department on all sails, if it is a question of preparing a gift for Libra.

What to give to Scorpios?

Scorpio can give any nonsense. They like everything. For them, in general, the main thing is not a gift, but attention. But this trick will work only if you know this particular Scorpio well, his lifestyle, attachments and needs. If you are with Scorpio in a formal relationship, then this magic trick “doesn’t roll” – give something formal and formal, anyway, the chances of guessing what exactly like almost any. It’s easier just to ask what a person wants to get or choose a gift card in a store, for example, a book store.

What to give to Sagittarius?

Sagittarius refers to those signs who want a practical gift. At the same time, they are creative and love to travel. What should they give? For example, a camera: let them travel and create beautiful photos. And further, thinking through a gift, think in the same direction.

What to give Capricorns?

Capricorn is not too important that you give, the main thing is to give something and on time. You can take advantage of the fact that very balanced Capricorns can be fond of something for a while and give, such as a video game and a game-shooter or go-kart.

What to give to Aquarians?

Aquarians want and love gadgets. In principle, they can give the same as Gemini. By the way, twins will never give up a new gadget – a mobile phone or laptop. But Aquarius especially love everything that keeps up with progress and makes life easier – from a fancy juicer to a plasma panel. You don’t have to give it, because all that Aquarius wants from him just yet is not!

What to give to Pisces?

Don’t give the fish something that will be like a fish umbrella. And to give something that they will need is not so easy. Precisely don’t give anything noisy, aggressive, bright and screaming. Modest and calm fish, which are already difficult to understand themselves simply will be suppressed by such a gift. However, Pisces loves comfort, so they can safely give a visit to the SPA, hammam, pool or a quiet and enjoyable trip somewhere. You can use the same tips that are given for Scorpio, when you choose a gift for Pisces – in their secrecy for understanding from the outside these two signs are quite similar.

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