Compatibility: What Personality Flaw Each Zodiac Sign Can't Stand

Each person has an individuality with its own strengths and weaknesses. Some people are nice to us, but others awaken in us not the best feelings. We can be annoyed only by one character trait in a person, and it will be enough to avoid meeting him. Why does it happen? It’s all about the stars, compatibility or rather, about the signs of the Zodiac. Let’s find out what and who irritates people more.


Compatibility: what personality flaw Aries can’t stand. Aries are wonderful organizers, therefore they do not like those who make up their life plan for them. And more they cannot stand:

  • Obtrusiveness – Aries know when they should meet with you, do not call them.
  • Disorganization – by your carelessness you prevent me from working, take the plan that I wrote for you.
  • People who often apply for help – Of course, they will be happy to help you, but once a quarter, not more often.
  • The foul smell from clothes – it prevents to perceive the person as the child of the nature.
  • Authoritarianism – do not push on them – They perfectly know how to do it.
  • Unnaturalness – everything that nature has given must be preserved in man.
  • People who offend the weak – in Aries hypertrophied sense of justice.
  • Avant-gardism – the right to life has only one that been tested for centuries and approved by millions of people.
  • Monotony – people should constantly surprise them, as soon as Aries cease to be surprised at communication, they immediately look for a new “toy”.
  • Memories of the past – Aries is directed forward, and other people’s memories for him – unnecessary information.


Compatibility: what personality flaw Taurus can’t stand. Taurus don’t fond of people who do not share their views on life. And they are enraged by:

  • Someone else’s pressure – do not tell me what to do, and I will not tell you where to go.
  • Impatience – do not rush me, I will do it myself.
  • Lack of style – clothes should create an image, and not just cover up nakedness.
  • Boring interlocutors – Taurus easier to communicate with smart and talkative people.
  • People who try to talk them over – the truth is born in dispute, but Taurus does not always need it.
  • Excessive mobility – don’t fuss around, better do something useful for me.
  • Restlessness – going slowly doesn’t prevent arriving.
  • Sickly people – for them something must be done, but Taurus are so lazy.
  • The manifestation of feelings – sloppy sentimentality, paradoxically, lead Taurus into a rage.


Compatibility: what personality flaw Gemini can’t stand. Gemini do not like when they are putted in the shade –  the theater is only for one actor – is their wheelhouse. And they are also annoyed:

  • Disrespect – Gemini should be respected.
  • Stupidity – with a fool –  boring, with a clever –
  • Slowness – you’d better not slow down.
  • People pointing to the shortcomings of Gemini – Gemini are ideal. This is not open for discussion.
  • Other people’s stories – they themselves have something to say to this world.
  • People who have achieved more than themselves – above the Gemini only mountains.
  • Conditionality and frameworks – do not drive them into a corner, otherwise anything could happen.
  • Sneakiness – you better tell them truth.
  • Absence of real power – those who are weaker, for Gemini – people of the second grade.
  • Truthfulness – Gemini hate to hear about themselves the truth.


Compatibility: what personality flaw Cancer can’t stand. Cancer is prone to some hypocrisy, so they have this strongly manifested in relationships with other people:

  • Show luxury – modestly, but neatly – better than “a miracle in feathers.”
  • Untended house – Cancers adore their home, so they hate when someone is irresponsible for housekeeping.
  • Frankness – they do not need your secrets, anyway, they won’t say anything about themselves in return.
  • Requests – if you want it to be good – do it yourself, and do not annoy them.
  • People who make the Cancers to hurry – Cancers better to move on the wrong way round.
  • Quick solutions – Cancers need to think everything over, and only then something to decide. Or not to decide.
  • Overtaking on the roads – this causes the Cancers to maneuver, and they do not like to maneuver so much. And not only at the wheel of the car.
  • Unreliability – promised to do – do it. Or they will punish you.
  • Loud laughter – a violent manifestation of joy irritates Cancers.


Compatibility: what personality flaw Leo can’t stand. Leo is extremely irritated by outright lies – they are disgusted when they are considered fools. And they are enraged:

  • Lack of sense of humor – everyone should laugh at the jokes of Leo.
  • Complaints about life – if you can change something – change, if you cannot – don’t whine.
  • Greed – the generous Leo has the right to expect the same attitude from others.
  • The touch of outsiders – is not for the royal people to tolerate the proximity of the plebeians.
  • People who put them in bondage – they are like a cat that walks by itself, does not live in captivity.
  • Jealousy – if you love the Lion (Lioness) – trust, do not trust – look for another love object.
  • Roughness – Leo can be rude back to you.
  • Unreasonable time calls – personal time for Leo – is sacred. Leo plans to whom and when to call.


Compatibility: what personality flaw Virgo can’t stand. Virgos do not forgive inaccuracy to themselves or others, they can stop communicating with a person if the house has a mess. And they do not like:

  • The hair on the hair brush is neither on one’s own nor on someone else’s.
  • Dirty, unclean shoes – shoes for the Virgo – it’s a mirror of the soul.
  • Immorality – the door of the Virgo is always open to friends.
  • Worldly wisdom – Virgo always knows best.
  • Curiosity – if Virgo want to tell you smth, she’ll tell.
  • Bad teeth – this causes a feeling of disgust.
  • Obsessive children – noisy, distracting from thoughts.
  • Cheap perfume – Virgo, of course, prefers to see than breathe, but not to the same degree.
  • People who treat them with cheap food – Virgo has one stomach, and Virgo will not poison it with any kind of muck.
  • People who impose sex on them – the more you want from me, the less you get.


Compatibility: what personality flaw Libra can’t stand. Libra are friendly and nice, so they are can be driven mad by roughness and deliberate cruelty. And they are annoyed:

  • Unkempt and unfashionable clothes – there can be a mess in the house, but the “wrapper” should be the upper class.
  • People who put them before the choice – Libra always in all doubt, and when they are forced to choose – madness for them.
  • Cheap eateries – below Libra’s dignity to agree to go in snack-bar or pancake bar.
  • Cheap gifts and small bouquets – show how you love Libra.
  • Indifference – is impossible not to love Libra.
  • People who force them to do something justify why, or do it yourself.
  • Ugliness – in everything – in persons, in souls, in the interior, in nature. The world must be beautiful.
  • Disputes – among the disputing one – a fool, the other – a scoundrel. Libra do not want to be either one or the other.
  • People who prevent Libra from living the way they want stop doing this, it is not your life.
  • Boring people – Libra like when they are entertained.


Compatibility: what personality flaw Scorpio can’t stand. Scorpio are people alien to any discipline, so they are annoyed by those who try to call them to order or appeal to their conscience. And they are disgusted:

  • Superficiality – Scorpio always strives to get to the bottom. Another question is where he finds this essence.
  • Inability to take revenge – Scorpio will never let the offender down.
  • People who do not share his opinions – there are only two opinions – Scorpio’s and wrong.
  • Doctors – always “knows” how and from what Scorpio should be treated.
  • Hypocrisy and sanctimony – if people are prone to vices, this must be used.
  • Criticism – do not discuss Scorpio’s actions, watch yourself.
  • Lack of faith – no matter what – in God, in fate, in space, in money or in your own power.
  • Reflection – do what you must, and happen what may.
  • Softness – do not feel sorry for others, because nobody will regret you.
  • Dreamers – Scorpions set themselves real or unrealistic goals and achieve them, no matter what, so they are so annoyed by those who, instead of setting goals, are building “air-castles”.


Compatibility: what personality flaw Sagittarius can’t stand. Sagittarius is used to being the soul of the company, so he does not tolerate those who “pull the blanket over themselves.” And they are enraged:

  • Alien awareness – in all matters, Sagittarius should have the right to a first vote. And it’s also the last one.
  • Another’s beauty – next to the Sagittarius woman there must necessarily be a less attractive girlfriend (but not an ugly one), and next to the Sagittarius man – a friend with not such a charming smile.
  • Failure to fulfill promises – if promised – get married, otherwise it will be worse.
  • Futility – if Sagittarius gives you a fishing rod, he wants you to catch the fish.
  • Boredom – if Sagittarius not having fun with you, then you’re not worthy of his attention.
  • Ugly people – Sagittarius – a great esthete.
  • Dislike for animals – Sagittarius likes to spend time with pets.
  • Individuality of style – you are not like me, which means you are a rival to me.
  • Foreign advice – Sagittarius himself distributes advice to the right and to the left. Basically – to the left.
  • Independence – if Sagittarius cannot influence someone, he starts actively hating this person.


Compatibility: what personality flaw Capricorn can’t stand. Capricorn hates inaction, he irritated by people who do not even seek to improve their situation – social and material. Accordingly, he enraged:

  • The low position – failed to achieve anything – is not worthy of respect.
  • Absence of status indicators – if there are business successes – show them. The car, expensive watches, stickers on suitcases – everything that speaks about achievements, helps to achieve even higher status.
  • Absence of clear goals – Capricorn does not like those who cannot formulate, what does he want from life.
  • Encroachment on freedom – you “ring” Capricorn only when it will be profitable for Capricorn.
  • Imposing priorities – do not tell me what’s important and what is not, otherwise you automatically fall into the second category.
  • Unpredictability – everything must be planned for 100 years ahead. If someone violates Capricorn’s plans, he can raise the horns.
  • Intervention in business – unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s.
  • Falling in love – another’s love does not flatter the Capricorns, it is frightening and annoying.
  • Verbosity – if Capricorn wants to hear someone’s voice, he will listen to his own and will talk to himself.
  • Laziness – either work on a par with me, or do not bother.


Compatibility: what personality flaw Aquarius can’t stand. Aquarius hates violence and coercion most of all. Aquarius run away from people who are force them to do something. And they are disgusted:

  • Betrayal – much Aquarius forgives loved ones, but after learning about betrayal they close themselves, often tears the relationship, without the right to restore trust.
  • Restriction of freedom of action and choice – do not be a barrier their path. They can bypass you or to cross.
  • Routine is the deadly enemy of Aquarius, they wither, they are bored and begin to do stupid things. First of all, they suffer from this, on whose fault the Aquarians are mired in monotony.
  • Reminder of the shortcomings – Aquarius know that they are not sinless, but you do not have the right to tell them about it.
  • Dust and wool – Aquarians are often allergic, so they react very painfully to visiting houses in which dirt reigns.
  • Seduction – Aquarius need more time to believe you.
  • Borrowers – Aquarius live on their own.
  • Cries under the window – never prevent Aquarians from sleeping.
  • Conservatives – Aquarius are born experimenters, all who prevent them from moving forward, are not opponents, but enemies.
  • People who do not believe in the irrational – if you have not seen a UFO, does not mean that Aquarius has not seen it.


Compatibility: what personality flaw Pisces can’t stand. Red flag for Pisces is lack of commitment. Deceived hopes and expectations can cause serious conflict. And they do not like:

  • A zero-sum game – Pisces will do anything for you, if you answer the Pisces the same.
  • Lies about trifles – intuition of Pisces works smoothly, so even the slightest deception leads them into a frenzy.
  • Unbelief in their words – Pisces with foam at the mouth will prove their rightness, even if they themselves are not sure what they are saying. But those who doubt their words, become almost blood enemies at about forty minutes.
  • Drinking – with the fiery water of Pisces, the relationship is complicated, so if they do not abuse themselves, they hate the drunkies and alcoholics.
  • The unwillingness to work with them on a par.
  • Lack of knowledge – if you have nothing to talk about, do not take their time.
  • Undivided feelings – if they love you, you simply have to answer them with the same.
  • Dirty dishes – dishes should be washed when it is dirty, and not when you want.
  • “Owls” – Pisces, as a rule, are used to getting up early, and dissimilarity is irritating.
  • Ingratitude – thanks can’t be extra.

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