How to Do Everything Planned on Time

If you are reading this article, then you obviously don’t have enough 24 hours a day and the question “How to manage everything?” You are still looking for an answer.

Lack of punctuality seriously interferes in life. It leads to the fact that a lot is not done on time, and hence constant steams at work and study, experiences, stresses. Therefore, all the time on time is important for the preservation of health.

Our article will help you understand the causes of this problem and give a number of practical tips for its elimination.

The reasons for “failure”

  1. Inability to rationally plan time will be the first honorable place among all the reasons. How can you manage everything, if yesterday you spent about two hours to communicate on the phone, and today you stared at the talk show?
  2. Imposing unbearable duties on yourself.
  3. Lack of personal diary with time planning and success.
  4. Broken attention, inability to concentrate on doing one thing.

Where to begin?

To all have time to the brain must actively function. To do this, you first need to sleep. Norm for an adult – 7-8 hours a day, don’t forget about it!

Start eating properly. A certain regime and healthy food, including fresh fruits and vegetables, will enrich the body with the right resources. This will give you energy, health and support the functioning of the brain.

Go in for sports, its benefits for a person are boundless, starting from the morning charge, giving a charge of cheerfulness for the whole day, ending with serious training that provides strong immunity. Similarly, physical activity causes the release of endorphin in the body, which has the second name “hormone of happiness” and gives you a good mood.

Let us pass to the advice

Plan your time. Accustom yourself to make plans, both for the distant future, and the nearest. Arrange yourself every evening meeting on which you will paint the coming day. Get handles of several colors and classify tasks in terms of importance. For example, in red we write the most important, the blue of medium importance, the black trivial matters.

During planning, stick to the fact that time needs to be distributed as rationally and economically as possible.

Pay attention to the routes. If you need to visit three places a day, then plan their visit so that the road takes as little time as possible.

Don’t forget to delete the completed tasks from the list.

Eliminate the distractions. Accepting work close all windows with social networks, turn off the phone only if you don’t wait for an important call. Determine what exactly distracts you most and abstract from this factor. Punish yourself every time, switch from work to something unnecessary.

You can manage everything when this “everything” is within your capabilities. Determine for yourself the scope of the permissible amount of tasks. If you want to develop opportunities, then complicate the work or increase its number gradually.

Not a sensible assessment of opportunities will lead to stress and a decrease in self-esteem.

Try to work more on quality than quantity. Let you perform one task per day, but it’s good than a lot of “semi-finished products”.

Keep the workplace in order, arrange everything on the shelves. Each element must have its own place. This will help you quickly find the necessary, unnecessary items will not distract you and even the order itself creates a working atmosphere and contributes to more productive work. A neat appearance of the table will create a good impression of employees and the boss about you.

Try to do things as quickly as possible. Increase the pace of execution can reduce the number of “breaks” or simply simplifying the task itself. Global cases are painted step by step before execution. A planned and thoughtful procedure is always faster and easier.

Try to use modern technologies that save time. For example, at the household level, electronic meat grinder, blender and other innovative kitchen appliances will shorten the cooking time by almost half.

Praise yourself for a job well done. Design a reward system – for achieving a certain level, you encourage yourself with a thing of a certain value, for example.

How to Do Everything Planned on Time

Don’t build in your head the ideal you seek to achieve. No one will ever be perfect, and the wrong image will entail unnecessary business and a waste of time. As a result, what is really worth doing will remain unnoticed due to lack of energy and time.

Be guided by the rule “Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today”. Accumulated cases still have to be done, only their gradual implementation is much easier. And the load of unfulfilled cases will put pressure on you and distract your thoughts from the affairs you are doing.

Ask for help. If you don’t have time, there is nothing wrong with that. Delegating duties is also a job that requires skill.

Under the phrase “all the time” is meant also the timely arrival to the meetings, work. Begin to gather at least an hour before the exit. If you know that you need to get off at 8-30 to make it, then set yourself a goal by all means to get out at 8-20.

In some sources, you can find tips on how to translate the clock. That is, you translate the clock ahead and it turns out that you arrive late on time. In fact, such methods are not worthy of attention, since they knock down the real perception of time and cause dissonance in the psyche.

Try to wake up as early as possible, so that the day is longer. At what then, exactly how you wake up, is of great importance.

Refuse to gradually awaken and a large number of alarms. Get out of bed with the first of its sounds, open the curtains, so that sunlight penetrates into the room, do exercises. If the aforementioned technique of awakening at first glance seems inconceivable for you and an early rise is a huge problem, then learn gradually. For 100 days set yourself an alarm every day a minute earlier, the interval between the moment of awakening and recovery is also reduced every day. At the end of the so-called “course of early recovery”, every morning of yours will become cheerful and pleasant.


For efficiency and mental clarity, take breaks. But they must be filled with the mind. If you work in the office, this does not mean that every hour you can be distracted for 5 minutes on your favorite solitaire or social networks. People with a sedentary profession need to do active rest and vice versa. Determine that, for example, every 5 minutes of the hour is devoted to the restoration of forces. Already on the first day you will feel how increased the endurance of the brain and the body as a whole.

If at work you categorically don’t have time, no matter how hard you try, think about whether it is worth continuing to work on it. When you are busy with your favorite business, then devote yourself to everything yourself and, often, except for minor flaws, there are no problems on it.

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