The resources of this world are limited and therefore time is required to fulfill the desire. But everything is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. A person must wait to, first, learn how to properly manage time and, secondly, to accumulate at least a minimum amount of energy. If he will use time wisely, take any action to fulfill the desire, then you will not have to wait long.

The main devourers of forces include:
1. Excessive significance, accompanied by pride, anger and depression. They break the chain of events necessary for the fulfillment of the desire for events by chance.
2. The habit of feeling sorry for yourself and, as a consequence, look for a vest that you can cry and patronize. This leads to loss of energy and dependence.
3. Fears. Fear of delay, communication, serious illness and death, and many others. He eats power like no other emotion.

The main problem is that it is impossible to defeat the above-mentioned enemies, since they are part of human nature. However, they can be turned into friends. We’ll talk about how to do this today. More precisely, our conversation will focus on ways to combat the inflated significance. Having solved this problem, the rest will not be a serious stumbling block.

If you think that for money you can buy everything and by all means, legally and illegally, try to get as much green paper as you can, then do not doubt, the world will show that this is not so. For example, you will find a serious disease that does not respond to treatment. Thus, you will understand that health is more important than money. The same goes for everything else.

Want to eat in moderation, for example, how to eat – to fulfill this desire it is enough to go to the store. And the view that if you want, you can fly to space here only partly. Nothing wrong with the fact that you set a goal and make efforts for it, there is no achievement. But when the object of desire causes dependence, psychosis and hysteria, you yourself do not believe that you can achieve the result and therefore do not reach it.

In general, the motive plays a huge role. His lack of stopping the thought process, and the desire is not fulfilled. Its excess leads to the formation of an excess potential and the entry into action of equilibrium forces. Proceeding from this, it can be concluded that in order to get what you want, you need to find a balance.

Sometimes the overestimated significance is a consequence of the lack of experience of interaction with something, as a result of which a person can not control himself at the sight of money, as in the example cited. The world teaches him, the skill of dealing with money and, on the whole, an understanding of their essence appears, and the problem of overestimated importance is being solved.

    The everyday way of fighting overvaluation

In the old days they said, “Dismiss, and it will be for you.” As a temporary measure, this method of fighting overvalued significance is very good. All you need to do is to turn your attention to something else.

Psychological way of fighting overestimated importance

The essence of the psychological method of combating overestimated importance is to carry out the following exercise, which allows you to plunge into a childhood filled with bright colors. So.

As soon as you think about your desire, say to yourself “Stop” and list any 20 – 25 – 30 items located in the immediate vicinity. This can be, for example, a window or, say, a bottle of water. But only a noun, because the adjective carries an assessment of the situation. After that, again tell yourself “Stop” and list 10 – 15 – 20 sounds.

    Simoron way to combat the inflated significance

The meaning of the Simoron way of fighting overvalued significance can be expressed by the expression “I do not care about everything.” Take a piece of paper and a pen, write a wish on it and, in the truest sense of the word, spit on it. The method is also suitable for solving problems.

    The energy way to combat the overestimated importance

In every emotion associated with desire, see the source of its fulfillment. In order for this method of combating overvalued significance to be effective, it is required to know how to use this or that emotion. Let us dwell on this in detail.

The first emotion is pity. It creates material objects that are of no value without the fulfillment of desire. For example, you want to get married. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and think about the second toothbrush in the bathroom, and second slippers in the corridor.

Способы борьбы с завышенной значимостью и другими пожирателями энергетики
The ways to combat the overestimation of importance and other energy eaters
The second emotion is anger. It creates actions that contribute to the fulfillment of desire. For example, you want to apply for a new, more highly paid job. Stop being angry and think about what will be of interest to the employer, what to tell, and what, on the contrary, one should keep silent.

The third emotion is fear. It creates random, but nevertheless, necessary for the fulfillment of the desire for an event. For example, you want to buy a car. Stop being afraid that you will get into an accident, get serious injury and get into debt and think that someone is selling a pretty decent vehicle for a pittance due to financial difficulties.

The fourth emotion is the realization that in our world everything is needed for money. She creates the right amount. When planning costs, consider that the monthly income is generated in three weeks, the quarterly – for two months, the annual – for three to four months.

The fifth emotion is euphoria. It creates people who can contribute to the fulfillment of desire. For example, you want to build your own house. Curb the excitement and think about what you can find a specialist who with a solid discount will lay the tile.


Transurfing as a way to combat overestimation

Undoubtedly, this method of fighting overestimated significance is best described in Vadim Zeeland’s book “Transurfing reality”. The author explains how the excess potential is formed and gives an example for clarity. You are standing in the apartment and on the edge of the abyss. The fact “you are standing” is the same, but in the latter case it plays a huge role, since there is only one awkward movement, and the irreparable will happen. In this case, the so-called equilibrium forces come into play, the purpose of which is to eliminate the excess potential.

As for the equilibrium forces, each of us knows about the effect of the attraction of the abyss. Being at altitude, suppose, on an airplane, the main thing is not to look down. On the one hand, to find out what is there, really want to, on the other hand, pulls to move away. This is the action of equilibrium forces.

All without exception, objects and even events have the same value. This is what we call good and bad, good and evil, attractive and repulsive. But the assessment itself does not create heterogeneity. Sitting on the couch and arguing that the house is safe, and at night on the bench – no, you will create a heterogeneity.

In simple words, transforing as a way of fighting overvalued significance is a search for an alternative. Do not take this job, settle for another, I can not earn enough money to build and equip the house, marry a millionaire.

Search for salvation in the enemy as a way to combat overvaluation

Despite what you want, you can always find better. Consider the essence of this method of fighting overvalued significance by example. You plan to get a position with a salary of 50 thousand rubles. Going to the interview, think about what could work in a company where the salary would be 100 or 200 thousand. This will help to assess the situation objectively and act as needed.

Logical analysis as a way to combat overestimation

Think about the pros and cons of fulfilling the desire. Calmly, without emotion. And remember that you will cool in any case.
The ways to combat the overestimation of importance and other energy eaters

Want an official place of work with high wages? It will take away a lot of time, strength and nerves. Remember the crimes committed for money. Understand that this is the most that neither is a real obsession.

    Extrapolation as a way to combat overestimation

Do you think that everything will be different? Imagine this during the day, week, month. The feeling of euphoria from the fulfillment of desire will disappear and a gray routine will come. Topics for talking with a man who liked it, ran out, began a small household quarrel. Does not appeal at all, does it?

    Correct way of life as a way to combat overestimated importance

If there is a case that is very exciting, whether it’s a job or a hobby, the probability of an inflated value is almost zero. The reason is simple – you are actively engaged in intellectual activities and the ability to think days and nights simply will not exist. One more thing. Do not believe in those who say that something is impossible. Perhaps, if you make an effort.

Revealing of consequences as a way of struggle with the overestimated importance

Think, what will lead to the fulfillment of desire not in one or two days, a week, a month, and a year later? How will this affect the state of health, relationships with others, career? Why is it necessary and necessary?

The way to combat the overestimated importance of Socrates

The structure of thought includes a conscious and unconscious component. The process of solving the problem does not stop even when the person does not think about it. Therefore, if you are faced with an overestimated importance, then put aside one task and engage the other. This method is named in honor of Socrates, since he was the first who suggested it.

 The way to combat the overestimated importance of Lope de Vega

Be objective: the object of desire has not only advantages, but also cons. Having earned a million rubles, you need to prepare a place for its storage, otherwise all efforts will be in vain. Equally important is its multiplication, because, as everybody knows, capital is only something that works, bringing benefits. To do this, you will need to find the right investment option, having spent a long and costly analysis of the companies.

 The way to combat the overestimated importance of Pasteur

Pasteur gained worldwide fame for offering to introduce a weakened infection into the human body. This, as he believed and was not mistaken, will help stimulate immunity and reduce the likelihood of the disease.

If you can not cope with the overestimated importance, give euphoria from the fulfillment of waiting will. During the day, just think about what you want, do not allow consciousness to switch to something else. Very soon you will feel that you can do everything, including fulfill the desire.

 “Doctor House” in the fight against overestimated importance

This way of dealing with overvalued importance is simple and does not require special skills. But the need to concentrate attention and not take any action can be difficult. To fulfill the desire, no action is necessary, observation is the basis of success. All processes will proceed in a subtle world, after which they gradually penetrate into the material world.

Focus on yourself, your mind. Set yourself the task of feeling all the layers of consciousness. It does not matter, you understand what it is, or not. It is important to do this.

After this, an image will appear, from which you need to abstract and which you need to look at from the side. Similarly, build a body and energy. In the end, connect all together – consciousness, body and energy and direct them to fulfill the desire and get rid of the overestimated importance and other devourers of power. The optimal residence time in this state is about 10 minutes.

If everything is done correctly, then there will be considerable fatigue. It is a sign of quality work. At the end of the day, when the described practice was carried out, a dream lasting from 10 to 12 hours will be required. Do not neglect it, otherwise the body will not be able to fully recover.

We have given the most common ways to combat overvaluation and other devourers of power. They are the most effective and will certainly help you.

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