How to Get Rid of Complexes. Seven Steps to Success

Complexes … They appear from nowhere and spoil the life of its owner. They oppress, cause depression, make a person distortedly perceive themselves and assume that the same perceive and others. How to get rid of complexes, forever deleting them from your life? The secrets of success in the fight against these enemies of the human psyche are in our article.

In order to get rid of the complexes, you need to take the following steps:

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1.Find out the cause of the complex.

Do you know where the legs of our complexes grow from? We often think that we don’t like others in something. It seems that the chief doesn’t like the quality of our work. It seems that the opposite sex is not sympathetic because you are ugly. It seems that friends are whispering behind their backs. Did you notice the key word here? That’s right – it seems to us. Therefore, there can be a large number of indirect causes, but the real reason is the only one – we ourselves are to blame for the appearance of the complexes. Low self-esteem, suspiciousness, self-doubt – these are the qualities that serve as good soil for the appearance of complexes. So the only way to deal with complexes is to change yourself!

2.Soberly assess the situation.

Do you think there is a person in the world who has everything in life perfect: both appearance, and career, and marital status, and friends? It’s unlikely there will be such a lucky guy. Everyone has shortcomings – accordingly, an occasion for complexes. However, if some people do not focus their attention on their shortcomings, others – only think about them. And at the same time attract the attention of others to their weak points. Therefore, honestly admit to yourself: “I’m not the only one, there are drawbacks for all people” – and it will immediately become much easier!

3.Get rid of fear.

An important step in overcoming the complexes is the ability to overcome fear, primarily fear of public opinion. Are we really supposed to do everything in our life with an eye on the opinions of others? And is it always so negative as it seems to us? In any case – don’t be afraid to prove yourself, don’t be afraid to make a mistake, don’t be afraid to be ridiculous! Try to relate to the world around you, stop thinking about each step, do not seek to please everyone (it’s simply impossible!) – and the cargo of the complexes will gradually fall off your shoulders.

4.Believe in yourself.

“I can, I can!” – should be your motto. Inspire yourself that everything in this life is achievable. This will help simple psychological training: take a piece of paper and write on it a list of qualities that you don’t possess, but would very much like to acquire them. Reread this list every day, pronouncing it out loud. We guarantee that in time you will gain quality data. Also, exclude from your life a particle of “not”: “don’t like”, “don’t understand”, “don’t appreciate”.

How to Get Rid of Complexes. Seven Steps to Success

5.Actively act.

Psychological training is good, but combating complexes requires action. Excess weight will not go away if you don’t start attending the gym, and the inferiority complex will not decrease if you don’t try to establish contact with others. Set specific goals, the achievement of which will help to overcome the complexes.

6.Think about your own merits.

Paying attention to our shortcomings, we often forget about the merits, which, of course, we have much more. The same training with a piece of paper can be repeated here – this time, write on it your positive qualities. Are you too self-critical to make such a list? Ask for help to family and friends. Be sure, they will tell you a dozen or two of your merits. At the same time you will find out that you are not so insignificant that you look in the eyes of others. This is the sixth step in our article “How to get rid of complexes”

7.To love life.

Life is beautiful – remember this! Smile every new day, surrounding people, your own reflection in the mirror. Remember – life is too fleeting to spend it on sadness and sadness. Combating complexes should be a pleasant and easy task – then they will retreat forever.

We wish you success in combating the complexes!

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