In the real life people quarrel, they are jealous and break up. Getting revenge on your ex: is the game worth the candle? Why Revenge Is Pointless?

“People meet each other, fall in love, get married.” It’s like the song. But in the real life people quarrel, they are jealous and break up. Not always in a good way. And often the resentment turns into a strong desire to take revenge on person who has made the decision to broke up. In order to restore justice. Getting revenge on your ex: is the game worth the candle?

Writing a script

So, he left you. Of course, in this role it is not easy to save your face and not to throw a heavy cobblestone right to him. But … Try to cool your ardor and cut losses. It is better to write an angry letter, not stinting on expressions. Send it or not – your decision, but throwing a grudge on paper or in a computer file will make you feel much better. Describe what you felt when he came with his new girlfriend to visit his friends and when she “brazenly” hugged him. If you are a creative person, think up a script to the film of your revenge. Describe, for example, the trial of the abuser, which will involve all his acquaintances, and maybe even enemies. Let him be sentenced to death.

Or take as a basis for any real fact. For example, an Italian girl thrown by a friend sent out his candid photos on a random e-mail. She was not too lazy to create a site with his photo and unveiled there the phone of “offender”, indicating that he performs sex servants. The court assessed the “creativity” of the girl in 2 years and 4 months in prison. Perhaps, after two or three such written scripts, you will lose the desire to put the former on an electric chair.

Stop and think

Does not help, and you decided to use revenge? Stop!

First, ask yourself: why you want to do this? To hurt him? Or to amuse your self-esteem? Think about how your attempt to “restore justice” will look like? Won’t you feel awful if something terrible happens later? Remember, there were also pleasant moments in your relationship. You loved your ex for something, did not you?

Secondly, assess whether such a strong grievance has been inflicted on you. Do not try to make things worse than you got yourself.

Thirdly, leaving the immediate plan for revenge, think: what can it mean to you? Do not start revenge right away. Wait a few days until your inner devil calms down.

How to break up beautifully

Meanwhile, women who know their worth, punish men beautifully. Why do not you try? Feeling that the separation is inevitable, put a point without unnecessary scandals and resentments. Invite your beloved to a romantic dinner and after a tender kiss, let us know about the break. Of course, this requires courage and willpower, but you will be on top – it’s YOU who decided to break up!

Another simple way to hurt his self-esteem is to be happy. Find a decent man, enjoy attention and care. Seeing that you do not suffer at all, your ex will be annoyed and surprised. Let the offender understand that you are a desirable woman.

If the first two options are not rolled, and the thirst for revenge is alive, you can resort to small dirty tricks. “Accidentally” pour on his car millet, and the pigeons themselves will take care of the “beauty”. Or pour the rug at the door with valerian. All the local cats will love this place.

Forget and Release

To forget the insult and strangle emotions is not so easy – your feelings were hurt. And you cannot cancel it with a wave of a magic wand. Of course, you can pretend that you have forgiven, and “swallow” offense. But what then? After all, accumulated sooner or later will have an effect! Ulcer, heart problems, leaping pressure, nervous breakdowns, taunts against your abuser or random people around you … So do not deny your feelings, admit: I’m hurt, I want revenge. If you are overwhelmed with anger – mentally send the offender to hell, break the cup, loudly scream, tear up all your joint photos at the end.

Having expressed several times your anger, you will feel satisfaction. This means – it is time to gradually forget the offense and learn to forgive.

Moving Forward!

As practice shows, there is no point in revenge. Judge for yourself. If a man threw you, after talking a bunch of mucks, you can only despise him: he is not worthy even revenge. Insulting you, he tried to justify himself in the eyes of others and in his own. It was clearly not your man, there is nothing to regret, it is better to strike him out of your life.

If the guy left without saying goodbye and without saying a word, then, most likely, he just chickened out, did not want to find out the relationship. In this situation, you just have to admit the fact of his departure: let him go. Let you be a little hurt, but on the other hand – why do you need such a weak-willed coward?

If a man honestly told you about the reasons for leaving, then he is worthy of respect. Try to treat him as well – with respect and gratitude for his being in your life. It’s just plain ugly for such a person to take revenge. In any case, even revenge, you will still seek happiness. So is it worth it to waste time on such a pointless business as revenge? Maybe it’s time to finally find true love?

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