how effective is horoscope weekly ? It is always about what you think, what you plan and what you execute? As is known, you are the biggest influencer in your own life, so be as brave as a lion and pen down your own script of life. But, are there other influencers like stars and planets in your life? If they are, how much do they influence your life and its events? Or if I’d rephrase the earlier question?

Astrologers can perceive aspects of the subtle world and make calculated predictions about your future and what lies ahead through horoscopes compatibility. Although it is commendable that this ancient science has been doing something totally incomprehensible to modern sciences, it would be hard for some of you to digest that effectiveness of zodiac signs horoscopes is less than a third.

horoscope weekly

From time immemorial, Astrology horoscopes have fascinated humans more than any other thing. But the mere concept of foretelling has beguiled many too. Still, this romance persists in the narcissistic culture we like it. Humans tend to lean toward daily horoscope reading to get a helping hand when it comes to making most important decisions in life like marriage, buying property, constructing house etc.

And again, predicting the future just by looking at the time of horoscopes and birth dates, latitudinal and longitudinal location of the birthplace and relative positions of planets, sun and moon piques our interest in this captivating field of study for horoscope for the day.

Applications of Astrology Horoscope Weekly

A skeptic or a clairvoyant predicts your destiny based on the inter-relation between a position of star sign horoscope and planets. Through thorough research, it is found that the accuracy of this application of zodiac astrology horoscopes is maximum, turning out to be less than a third.

Many a time, the root cause of the illness, the problem has not ascertained all horoscope. Astrology has one of its applications as finding the root cause of these impediments which act as pull back reactors and don’t allow people to prosper. But, only 3 out of 10 diagnostic prognoses based on Astrology turn out to be effective.

Compatibility and nature

To understand your compatibility with your family members, future spouse, boss or a friend based on the horoscopes and zodiac signs. Horoscope compatibility is what four-fifth of the proponents of astrology look forward to.

With a minuscule accuracy of 27%, this horoscope zodiac astrology application stands on a shaky foundation. This means only one out of four forecasts proves productive.

Decision Making

Taking the right decision at the right time is considered paramount. But, how do you know that the right/auspicious time has come? You can buy gold anytime. Looking at the current market and subsequent rates but what about marriage or commencement of business? To make such arduous decisions.

It is always helpful to take help of the ancient science of zodiac signs horoscope. Least successful of all applications, only 5% of results turn out to be fruitful.

Horoscope Effectiveness

Religion is the binding factor which keeps us close to God. Facing strong opposition from some religions and modern sciences, Astrology has not been a reliable and accurate medicine to the people’s problem. Although it has proved to be of medicinal value for some and has even worked as a placebo for others, it cannot be held in the highest regard by many horoscope weekly.

Science even considers Astrology as pseudo-science. Some of the arguments and rationalizations against the accuracy and reliability of Astrology include-

  • Absence of Standardization

With umpteen interpretations, absence of standardization creates the biggest doubt in modern science believers. Unlike modern science, this ancient pseudo-science is devoid of rationalization. Also, new variants of Astrology like Tarot Reading, Hellenistic astrology horoscope weekly, Celtic horoscope weekly are considered ambiguous elements too.

  • Free Will

If the rotation of earth and relative position of stars, the sun and the moon govern our actions and predetermine results, do we even have a free will in the mortal lives we live? Or are we just the puppets in the hands of astrologers?

  • Generalizations everywhere

Let’s talk about India, a land which homes 1.3 billion people. If we carry out general math, 1.3 billion divided by 365 days gives 3.56 million as the answer. When this figure is divided by 3600 *24= 86400 we get 41 as an approx. answer.

This means that 41 people in India are born at the exact moment, with similar relative positions of the stars and the planets and share the same zodiac sign. How can you generalise and predict similar future of all these people? With facts like time of birth, zodiac signs and other constants, there is not much room for variables which should actually dictate the prediction.

  • Statistical evidence

As seen above, not more than 33% predictions turn out to be effective! Is this not the most potent point of argument? Why would modern science proponents believe that this pseudo-science is authentic when the statistics prove otherwise?

Although the results say that your efforts in consulting an astrologer may only reap fruits once in three times, people mostly believe that these factual figures don’t matter when it comes to the safety of your family, time of financial crisis etc. They also believe it is sometimes better to forget rationalism and look at what the stars have to say about you.

On top of all of it, when a guru says to wear a ring or carry a locket 24*7, it gives you immense hope that something better will occur. Now, this support cannot be found anywhere else, not even if you consult modern science specialists.

I’m not saying that this ancient science is ineffective and works for nobody, but I only suggest that your chances to get results look bleak. You may get the mental support from this Vedic pillar; it is too ambitious to root for drastic changes and out of the world outcomes.