How to Understand Is It Love or Habit

How to understand is it love or habit? When we’re in the thrall of passion, everything else ceases to have meaning and meaning. We’re completely addicted to love experiences, euphoria. During this period, a person tries to demonstrate all the best qualities of his personality.

But time can change any, even the most idyllic paintings. In place of the candy-bouquet pore comes the peaceful pacification of a joint life. Many couples settle at home, preferring home comfort to noisy companies.

From the moment when partners begin to share hardships and joys, living space, budget and household affairs for two, a period of grinding and finding out the relationship begins. Gradually they get used to each other and learn to live side by side. And here, romance comes to replace the measured daily life.

Each of us perceives this state of affairs in his own way. Someone is afraid to get stuck in a routine, and in every possible way avoids prolonged relations; someone clenches his teeth, endures for years, and then laments about the aimlessly lost time, and someone finds true happiness in a calm and devoid of passions. But how to understand, this is a real love or habit, and is it worth to be afraid of blunting in a relationship?

How to understand is it love or habit?

In the power of habit

How often through the pink glass of love glasses we don’t notice the obvious incompatibility with the partner. When the ardor and passion a little subside, the discrepancy in habits, lifestyle, characters, behavior and temperament becomes more expressive. One or both partners become uncomfortable with each other, but they are afraid to talk about it, because they are accustomed to existing relationships and this habit is dominating them.

The situation is aggravated when one of the spouses or cohabitants is financially dependent on the other. Not everyone wants to give up a secure way of life, that’s why we have to endure the cold and misunderstanding for many years. Think, perhaps, habit deprives you of the chance to live a full and happy life with someone who really suits you.

Habit and love — the perfect tandem

No long relationship cannot keep the excitement and romance of the first meetings. For spouses living together not the first year, family happiness becomes the norm, which is no longer paid attention to and taken for granted. No longer so puzzled by the beauty of a partner, and all his virtues, along with constant care and affection, are so familiar that they form an integral part of life. It’s difficult to say whether it’s love or a habit, but one thing is clear — they constitute a strong tandem. It’s just that your feelings have moved to a new, deeper level, where completely different aspects of the relationship become important, rather than single romantic actions.


How to understand the feelings

When the couple is together for a long time, it’s difficult to determine what keeps people — love or habit, feelings or routine. Here are the first signs of the fact that the relationship has exhausted itself.


The union, previously so emotionally saturated, suddenly became decent and uninteresting. You are no longer happy to spend time together. Any business, whether it’s a vacation, going to a movie or a restaurant, or a friend’s birthday, causes genuine boredom. There are no common interests between you except everyday problems. In the evenings, you keep silent or try to find a way out of the family walls.


You began to notice that you are completely indifferent to what is happening with your partner. It’s no longer the habit of skipping long conversations past the ears, it’s a real indifference. It doesn’t matter where or how the spouse spends time, it’s like what’s going on at her job, anyway, even if there is a suspicion of the infidelity of the other half. You are on the machine buy the first thing that came out as a birthday present and spend the holidays together just because it’s so familiar. Although it has long been noted that loneliness is much more comfortable, because you can go about your business in this way, without being distracted by your spouse. Perhaps these feelings are mutual.

In different worlds

Another sign that love has become a banal habit of being around is the absence of mutual interests. It’s as if you live in different worlds: each has his own work, interests, hobbies, plans that don’t overlap in any way. The only thing that still binds you – life. Your spouse refuses to accept and understand your world, and it’s easier for you to be separated than with a person who doesn’t understand you.

No communication

The only common topic for discussion is the discussion of everyday problems. Conversations from the “just chat” or “missed” section have long been in the past. After dinner, each of you go to your corners and goes about your business. Over time, the need to communicate disappears completely or become painful and annoying.

Minimum of tactile contact

You avoid any contact, be it a kiss, a hug, or holding hands. Attention partner burdens, and you have absolutely no desire to reciprocate. In the intimate sphere, the same picture: sexual contacts have become rare and boring. The absence of tactile contact indicates that the relationship doesn’t develop, but is rapidly fading.

Stupor relationship

There is a big difference between living under one roof and being together. If, after years, you have kept your intimacy and physical attraction, you have common interests and both of you are full of common ideas and desires — this means being together. If each of you, as a lonely ship, goes on its own course, not noticing each other — the collapse of relations is inevitable. But even worse when the couple doesn’t want to change something and develop their marriage.

Over the years, the attitudes, interests, and goals of each spouse change. Refusing to accept changes, you move away, lose the opportunity to fully communicate and become indifferent.

To live in marriage is a big job, first of all on yourself. So that love doesn’t become a habit, don’t lose emotional contact with your loved one. Remember, the main habit is to love each other.

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