Incompatible Zodiac Signs: Not Be Happy Together

Astrologers distinguish 6 couples who are hardly happy together. The chances of creating successful love relationships between such people tend to zero.

There are signs of the zodiac that are universal in terms of love compatibility, so they don’t have serious energy conflicts with other people. It’s, for example, about Libra, which can get along with almost anyone. Compatibility testing in love is an important step in the early stages of relationship development, which allows you to assess the likelihood of how well you will be happy together.


Gemini – Capricorn

Gemini – freedom-loving people who don’t like to listen to other people’s instructions. Capricorns prefer those who will listen to them and sometimes go on about. Gemini will never under any circumstances be the first to meet each other, try to somehow win someone else’s heart. Capricorns, on the contrary, are just waiting. The result is obvious – these people are absolutely not suitable for each other.

Even if this couple succeeds in creating a relationship, then without working on themselves they can’t live happy together for a long time.


Aquarius – Leo

In this relationship, too much egoism and too much jealousy. If in other cases effective conspiracies can help you, then even they will be powerless. What is most interesting, such relationships can last for years, but they are still doomed to utter failure. They give only negative, despite the fact that at the very beginning they can be very passionate and passionate.

Aquarius and Leos deceive themselves and cannot say goodbye to each other. Frequently betrayals, betrayals or lies are often present in the relations between them, which makes the connection between these Zodiac signs toxic.


Virgo – Virgo

Two identical Zodiac signs don’t mean at all that it will be an equal marriage or love. In the case of two Virgo, compatibility is one of the worst. Men and women of this Sign cannot live happy together at all. They make good friends or colleagues who respect each other, but they rarely get something in love.

It often happens that even the first impression of these people relative to each other gives a negative. Emotional deep-seated hostility arises between Virgos, both parties feel it, but no one is recognized first. Such a union only once in a thousand can become something worthwhile.


Aries – Scorpio

Aries are people who don’t have to say anything stinging. They don’t ask for forgiveness for any minor mischief and deeds. Scorpios don’t like even the slightest disrespect for themselves, therefore, in the very early stages of dating, dislike is very strong. On the other hand, if these people understand each other, feelings may appear between them.

Such a union can be found quite rarely, but it’s possible. How much he will manage to live is also not known, because the Scorpions and Aries think in absolutely different planes. They live different dreams and love to spend their leisure time in different ways.

pisces          cancer

Pisces – Cancer

Pisces are excessively windy and emotionally addicted, which the Cancers don’t understand. Loyalty is what they hold for, but Pisces cannot give it to them. These people have a completely different style of communication, a different perception of reality and a different approach in love. Pisces rarely like Cancers, and Cancers seldom like Pisces. A fleeting affair between them is possible, but the Cancers don’t like anything fleeting and incomprehensible, unlike their counterparts in the water element.

Such people rarely remake themselves for the sake of others, so the only thing that will be successful is flirting. Nobody will go further than him, because different Universes don’t overlap, despite certain similarities in the conduct of business, in solving business problems. These are good work partners, but definitely not lovers.


Taurus – Sagittarius

Taurus loves his home, his friends, his family, and Sagittarius just to look to the immense distance to travel. That is how the stars see this union – a homebody and a restless adventurer. These people may fall in love with each other, but they will not be able to live happy together for a long time, so they often converge and part with each other or come to a guest marriage.

Experienced and adult Taurus and Sagittarius immediately understand that they are a completely different mentality and worldview. Together it will be hard for them to rest, but it is easy to work. Such a union is like a tug of war – who won, he actually lost, because love is a balance, the ability to compromise, not a struggle. Compliant is not the strength of Taurus or Sagittarius.

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Incompatible Zodiac Signs: Not Be Happy Together
Incompatible Zodiac Signs: Not Be Happy Together