We explain why the boundaries between the zodiac signs are unstable, and reveals the astrological secrets of the transitional signs.

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At the Junction of The Zodiac Signs

The zodiacal circle is clearly divided into 12 equal parts, in which a certain sign governs. It would seem that everything is simple – every year on the same day the Sun passes from one sign of the Zodiac to another, and at the same time the zodiacal identity and character change.

For example, on April 20 a man was born Aries, on the 21st – already Taurus. However, only those who “communicate” with astrology exclusively through popular horoscopes think so. We explain why the boundaries between the zodiac signs are unstable, and reveals the astrological secrets of the transitional signs.

The boundaries between the zodiac signs:

You probably noticed that in many horoscopes the days of the Sun’s entry into the next sign of the Zodiac are different – somewhere they write that the Virgin starts to “rule” on August 24, and somewhere on the 23rd. Some sources indicate that Aquarius “comes” on January 21, and in others – on the 20th. And so almost with all the signs.

This is due not to the fact that compilers of astrological forecasts are unprofessional, but to the fact that in fact every year the date of transition from sign to sign varies. So, for example, it’s believed that the Leo enters into his rights on July 23. However, this year he came on the 22nd at 18:56 Moscow time. Taurus, which, according to generally accepted standards, begins on April 21, in 2012, generally pressed Aries 19 on 19:12.

Therefore, based on the instability of the transition time, the average horoscope gives the average indicator of the boundaries between the signs. However, astrologers adhere to different systems, as a result of which the averaged numbers in the diverse sources differ from each other.

And if you were born at the junction and you want to know exactly which Zodiac sign you belong to, refer to computer programs, to ephemerides tables or to professional astrologers.


Who is Transitional?

In addition to the fact that every year the signs of the Zodiac come at different times, their boundaries are “blurred”. That is, astrological influence doesn’t change at the same time. That’s why we, providing you with monthly and weekly horoscopes, constantly make clarification. We write that people born from the 1st to the 18th are considered to be “pure” signs, while the others are influenced by the previous or next sign (closer to the 1st – the previous one, after the 18th – the next one). And it’s those who were born in the interim period from the 19th to the 31st, refer to the transitional signs.

Such people are unique in their own way. They combine in themselves the main features of the two signs of the Zodiac, take from them sometimes the best, and sometimes, alas, the worst. In this case, in each concrete person, as a rule, the features of the sign to which his birthday is closer prevail. So, for example, if you were born from 19 to 25 August, then you are more of a Leo, and if from the 27th to the 31st – the Virgo dominates.

At the Junction of The Zodiac Signs

The main features of the transitional signs:

  • In general, those who belong to the transitional signs, you can call true lucky, because they draw strength from two elements at once.
  • Fire gives water peace and wisdom, and the Earth – solidity.
  • Water, neighboring with Fire, receives passion and energy, and Air helps to cope with the hardships of life.
  • Air, connecting with Water, receives a wise perception of being, and with the Earth – the ability to profitable solution of everyday problems.
  • Earth Fire gives dynamics, and Air gives the ability to entertain.


At the junction of the signs of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra.


Double obstinacy, harshness, intransigence. Fatigue, the ability to sacrifice the personal for the sake of the public, while passion. A subtle sense of the “right moment”, incredible ability to “get” money – a nose for things that can be well earned. It’s better to have such people as friends and patrons – for those who care about them, they “fold mountains”. If they pass into the camp of enemies, they will destroy without any regret.

Taurus the Gemini

Overestimate self-conceit, selfishness, stubbornness, inability to hear other people, a tendency to frequent exaggeration and even lies. At the same time, incredible charm, a deceptive impression of reliability. However, for themselves they will do everything that is in their power, they will never remain in vain. Always find how to live in prosperity or, at least, do not need. Cleverly manipulate others. Can not only perfectly handle the word, but also sell their literary creations.

Gemini – Cancer

Calm, but with indomitable imagination; homemade, but they are not boring. They are always aware of how to diversify their existence and the lives of those who surround them, incredibly artistic. They adore beautiful things, but at the same time they are practical, they know how to get high-quality items at low prices. Cheerful, flexible, sensual. If they allow themselves stormy scenes, then only when it is absolutely impossible to do without it. Children are treated like friends.


Lazy is that they are uninteresting, apathetic, withdrawn. But at the same time they are wise, always ready to give advice. They prefer to lead in their family, rarely dream of public activity. They love luxury and comfort, but they don’t wait until they are provided with it, they create comfort in their own house, maintain order. They are able to earn money and spend money with pleasure, but, as a rule, they always have a certain amount in reserve that helps them feel protected.


They love order, but they usually guide him only in case of emergency, prefer to be served by other people. Ambitious, narcissistic, pedantic. Vengeful, but “give revenge cold,” that is, they know how to wait, never forgive offenses. They have a delicate taste, carefully take care of their appearance. They love money, for them the presence of financial stability and independence is the main condition for a comfortable existence.


Equilibrated, calm, rarely doubt the correctness of the choice made. Practical, a bit stingy, prudent in dealing with the opposite sex. But at the same time they are romantic, like when they are looked after, praised, thank. Pedantic, have a tendency to diplomatic negotiations, they are able to find a common language with representatives of different social strata. They can work all their life in one place only because they are too lazy to change something.


At the junction of the signs of Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

Scorpio Libra

Incredibly sexy, attractive, as a rule, very beautiful. However, if they don’t go into public activity, they are closed, constantly reflect, live in the past. If they find their social niche, they achieve tremendous successes, gain popularity, but this does not prevent them from remaining deeply family people. Basically, very true, appreciate their second half and do not change their husbands (wives). With money, “relationships” are complex – even with a good salary, they often do not have enough.


Excessively sharp on the tongue, they always know how to hurt a little, their statements offend and even insult. Spitfires, aggressive, proud, powerful. Perhaps the most conflicting combination of signs. These people manage to spoil relations even with those on whom they depend. Often choose areas of activity in which you can authoritatively and rigidly manage. They consider themselves thin and vulnerable, accuse others of their failures. Born “wolves alone”.


Mobile, sociable, often choose professions, in which there is a possibility to travel a lot. With pleasure they make a career, but don’t fixate on it. They are able to enjoy life. Thoughtful, rational. They like to communicate with friends, but they allow themselves mostly to those who can somehow help them. They aren’t attached to roots, they easily change their place of residence and adapt in difficult conditions. Don’t be afraid to take risks.


Ambitious, but they never “put a life” on achievement of career heights. Achieve incredible successes solely in the fact that they get almost immediately. Often they change their goals, their opinions, even their world views. Think standard categories, but sometimes they wake up the demiurge (ed., Ed., Creator), and then they are able to create a large, time-consuming masterpiece. Rational “to the core”, but at the same time rely not only on logic, but also on intuition.

Aquarius – Pisces

Incredible intuitions, for them there is no difference between reality and subtle worlds, they are able to read the signs of Fate, often occultism is chosen as the main activity. Resentful, but rarely stop talking to those who insulted them, although they remember it for a long time. They can be overly practical, but they will easily spend a large amount of money on moods just because they so wanted. They reach career heights only if they are really “in their place”.

Pisces – Aries

Authorities, are accustomed to the fact that they all obey, while others don’t even realize why they go on about. They have a huge personal charm, an inner core, the ability to withstand adversity. However, if one day they break something, they cannot recover for a long time. Not bad earn, try in all to reach tops of professionalism, are ambitious. They are insolent, they don’t forgive insults. They simply “get on the warpath” for the most insignificant reason.

Transitional signs are a term not fixed in classical astrology. However, many years of observations and calculations of astrologers confirm that people born between the 19th and the 1st of each month are significantly different from those who belong to the “pure” signs.

Therefore, if you are a transitional sign, then when reading the standard horoscopes, be guided by two predictions – for the sign to which you belong “officially”, and for the one to which you are closer. Or make up (order astrologers) your personal forecast.


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