How to Lose Weight According Zodiac Signs

Losing weight on a horoscope is real! The physical well-being of a person, his mood and energy depend on nutrition. Optimally chosen diet will help you quickly and painlessly get rid of extra pounds. But for some reason, the recommendations of traditional medicine don’t always allow to achieve the desired result. The fact is that each sign of the zodiac differs not only in certain habits and character traits, but also in a different metabolism. Therefore, when choosing a system of food and exercise for lose weight, zodiacal features should be taken into account.



Almost all Aries are characterized by increased activity, they don’t like to sit in one place, but at the same time they cannot refuse to have snacks between main meals. Aries who want to lose weight, you need to adhere to the discipline in the diet: take food only on schedule and avoid any snacks. Most of the representatives of this sign are convinced meat eaters, so they need protein diets. But the emphasis should be on boiled lean meat or steamed. Broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower, asparagus and green beans are perfect as a side dish. But from fried foods and eggs will have to be abandoned, or at least reduce their use to a minimum. Aries are useful for everything that comes from the elements of fire: a sauna, a Russian bath, a warming massage, this will help to beat off those extra pounds. Aries are great power, team and ski sports.



Taurus is well versed in cooking and loves to eat, so they tend to be overweight. To lose weight, the representatives of this sign must abandon the fried, fat and sweet. Taurus perfectly suited food. Representatives of this sign are prone to puffiness, the appearance of which can provoke a deficiency of soda sulfate. This mineral salt is plentiful in cabbage, spinach, leek, pumpkin and radish. Another weak point of Taurus is the thyroid gland, therefore it’s necessary to include foods rich in iodine in the diet: sea kale, fish, and feijoa. Taurus calm and balanced. They prefer measured sports such as gymnastics, figure skating, swimming. If Taurus doesn’t enjoy the movement, the benefits of physical activity will be reduced to a minimum.



Gemini’s weak point is the nervous system. Representatives of this sign are constantly in the thick of events, while taking everything to heart and bring themselves to nervous breakdowns and depression. Calm the nerves will help foods high in protein (lean meat, lean fish, eggs) and calcium. This mineral is present in all types of cabbage, cottage cheese, cheese, asparagus, green peas, pineapples. Gemini inherent agility and mobility. They are suitable for all sports related to speed: running, cycling, aerobics, team games with a ball. Tours, dances, gymnastics and figure skating have proven themselves well.

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Cancers often suffer from a lack of calcium fluoride, which in turn provokes visual impairment, caries development, varicose veins, decreased muscle tone. The following products will help prevent these diseases and lose weight: hard cheeses, milk, egg yolks, citrus fruits, rye bread, raisins. Typical Cancers don’t have a great love for sports. Representatives of this sign can be carried away by swimming (all types, ranging from the usual and ending with diving), figure skating and rhythmic gymnastics. Well-established yoga. In addition to physical activity, it helps to find peace of mind, and this directly affects the normalization of weight.


Of all the fire signs, the Leo is the most hot-tempered and explosive, and therefore their heart is weak and, as a result, sluggish blood circulation. You can improve your circulatory system with high protein foods. These are meat, chicken eggs, dairy products and legumes. To avoid nervous exhaustion, to which representatives of this sign are generous to emotions, you should include foods that contain a lot of magnesium sulfate: apples, lemons, cucumbers, figs, plums, almonds and onions. Leos love to be in the spotlight. Therefore, they are suitable bodybuilding, which will help to fashion the perfect figure, and sports that allow you to shine (figure skating, ballroom or dance sport). In order to avoid heart problems, a carefully metered load is necessary.


The Achilles heel of the Virgo is the digestive system. For lose weight they should ignore heavy and carbohydrate-rich foods: white flour cakes, fatty meats, effervescent beverages, and spicy seasonings. You can support the digestive tract with the help of apples, ginger, pumpkin, beets, natural yogurt. Virgos are neat, hardworking and executive. They succeed in sports that require precision movements. These are shooting, fencing, figure skating, diving, figure skating.


Scales Libra has a weak urinary system, so they should not eat too spicy and salty foods. Representatives of this sign often suffer from general weakness and muscle spasms caused by a deficiency of sodium phosphate. Therefore, Libra is recommended to include in the diet foods high in this salt: asparagus, carrots, corn, beets, figs and unpeeled rice. Libra – this is one of the most benevolent signs, they are sickened by any conflicts. Therefore, team sports are not suitable for Libra. They get pleasure from equestrian and sailing, synchronized swimming, ballroom dancing, yoga and wushu.


Many Scorpions have elevated blood lipids. So, they need as little as possible to eat fatty meat, cream, butter. These products can be replaced with fish, seafood and nuts, which will saturate the body with proteins. Representatives of this sign often suffer from a lack of calcium sulfate, which is responsible for the health of the skin and the removal of toxins from the body. This mineral is in asparagus, onions, garlic, mustard, asparagus, radishes, gooseberries and cherries. Scorpios are energetic and risk averse. They are suitable sports associated with high activity: strength training, tourism (especially water and extreme), diving and sailing. Many Scorpios, prone to self-knowledge, attracts yoga.


Sagittarius often suffer from problems with the liver and gall bladder. Therefore, they should not eat fried and fatty foods for lose weight. But products containing choline (it promotes the processing of fats and stimulates the liver), Sagittarius must be consumed. The greatest amount of this substance is in calf liver, sprouted wheat, beans and egg whites. Sagittarius can not do without adventure. Therefore, they are fond of tourism, mountain and team sports.


The weak spot of Capricorns is the musculoskeletal system. The bone system can be strengthened, including in the diet foods rich in protein and calcium phosphate. This salt is in cabbage, asparagus, spinach, celery, grains and beans. The situation is not very good in Capricorns with the liver and biliary tract. So fat food, chocolate and alcoholic beverages to get involved is not recommended for close weight. Capricorns are stubborn and hard character. Rare dedication allows them to succeed in almost any sport. Representatives of this sign fit team sports with the ball, athletics, especially long-distance running. During sports, Capricorns need to keep their knees.


Aquarius often faces illnesses caused by poor circulation. They need products rich in bioflavins (especially rutin) and vitamin C, which strengthen weakened vessels for lose weight. These substances are found in citrus pineapple, grapes and apples. Aquarius, as a rule, are quite active and spend a lot of time on sports activities. They are suitable for athletics, tourism, skiing and cycling.



Pisces often suffer from a lack of iron phosphate, which can cause fluid retention, depression and anemia. A deficiency of this mineral salt in the body will help replenish pomegranates, walnuts, beef liver and raisins. The teeth in Pisces also don’t differ in special health. Therefore, a calcium diet (nuts, fish, dairy products) will not be superfluous. Gentle Pisces are drawn to everything unusual, beautiful and spectacular. Therefore, they don’t like weightlifting, wrestling, extreme sports. They are more suitable for figure skating, golf, all sports related to the water element.

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