Meaning of days of the week

Each day of the week has its own characteristics. Find out what is suitable for and what doesn’t fit a particular day, what planet it manages, what colors are successful on each day of the week, what mood to expect.


Monday is under the influence of the moon. Emotions, both positive and negative, are underlined on this day. A good indicator of how you spend the week will be your mood on Monday. Focus on intuition and imagination. If you want to understand something, find on Monday time for reflection. Good themes will be love, finance, career, your strong and weak character traits. Due to the powerful influence of the moon, it may happen that you will discover some mystery, or you will remember something important from the past. It is likely that fate will give you a sign that will be useful for understanding current circumstances. On Monday, emotional ties with other people are particularly well established.

Monday’s colors are associated with the moon – white and silver. On Monday it’s good to buy items for home life, things for children and silverware.



Tuesday is the day of Mars. The influence of this planet focuses on how to best use physical energy and abilities to achieve goals and desires. The main theme of Tuesday is useful activity, both independently and in conjunction with others. Act purposefully and decisively, but avoid fervor and impatience, which may be influenced by Mars. On Tuesday you can get important information about financial and career prospects.

Color, favorable for Tuesday – red. Favorable classes on Tuesday – physical work, sports. On this day, buying equipment, tools can be successful.


The environment is under the influence of Mercury. This planet pays attention to clarity of thinking, ways of expressing one’s thoughts and ideas. On Wednesday, a favorable time for communication, intellectual work, study, preparation for exams, work with documents, for short trips. Pay attention to health and financial issues. If you expect news related to something personal, on this day you can get it.

Favorable colors for the medium are yellow and orange. On Wednesday, purchases of books, means of information transfer (computer, telephone, etc.) can be successful.


On Thursday, Jupiter’s influence dominates. This planet is associated with hope, gratitude and honesty. Thursday is associated with generosity and trust. On this day you will be helped by a sense of humor, the desire for cooperation and the expression of goodwill. You can expect better relations with others. Thursday is a good day for love and romance, health promotion, financial matters. Communicating with others on Thursday, you need to pay attention to understanding the emotional state of people. This day encourages optimism and personal growth, is especially favorable in that it inspires confidence and shows perspectives.

Favorable colors on Thursday are purple and purple. On Thursday, it is favorable to travel, to deal with legal issues, to communicate with wise people.


On Friday, the energies of the planet Venus are especially strong. Celestial forces pay attention to themes of love, harmony, affections, as well as money and what you value. This day emphasizes charm, stimulates creativity. You can get news or find valuable information about your personal relationships with family, friends and loved ones. On this day, decisions can be made about how best to spend money and what purchases to plan. Favorable acquisition of luxury goods and decorations, ornaments. On Friday, the likelihood of any additional financial costs increases.

The color favorable for Friday is green. On Friday, allow yourself to have fun, take care of comfort and entertainment with your loved ones.


Saturday is influenced by the planet Saturn. This day can be connected with any restrictions. On Saturday it is important to show diligence and persistence in solving everyday problems. Pay attention to responsibility and self-control. There is a possibility of delays or health problems. This day may be conducive to serious reflection on your future goals, because Saturn emphasizes the structure and meaning. Saturday will help to determine how much effort is required to achieve something and what obstacles can stand in your way.

Colors suitable for Saturday are brown and dark gray. Favorable farming, construction work, communication with people with high status. A good time to buy durable goods.


On Sunday, the influence of the Sun prevails. On Sunday, pay attention to yourself, take care of your own image and how you look. If you want to make a special impression on someone, select Sunday. On this day you have more chances to be noticed and appreciated. Sunday is a good day for creative activities and games with children, take time.

The colors of Sunday are yellow and gold. Try not to overload yourself with routine work, Sunday is more suitable for doing creativity, showing your talents. Successful in this day is the choice and purchase of gold jewelry.

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Meaning of days of the week
Meaning of days of the week