The Most Powerful Zodiac Sign

What is the most powerful zodiac sign in the opinion of astrologers?



Formally, the weakest sign of the Zodiac, because it’s characterized by increased sensitivity, which is rarely shown, but very accurate. Last in the rating “The Most Powerful Zodiac Sign”. Paradoxically, Cancers are hardy, possess endurance, quite fearless and, that is valuable, very persistent. But all this overnight can sweep away a wave of depression or a nervous breakdown. So they live — from crisis to crisis. And here nobody will help Cancers, except for themselves. Yes, their disincentive for breakdowns, they are quite capable of winning on their own — if they change themselves and their approach to others.



Taurus perfectly know how to make plans. While, as a rule, their life goals are quite simple — soul harmony and quiet happiness. The Taurus is strong in that to beat all the time in one goal — the changes frighten him and deprive him of balance. The transition to a new level — whatever it’s expressed — is given to Taurus hard. Therefore, in the closet of Taurus hang five identical jackets, he doesn’t change the work, no matter what happens, and he cuts it once a year. As you understand, Taurus’s strength lies in its stability.



Gemini can, if they want, but they often can not cope with one. This sign has enough strength to succeed, but without support it’s difficult. Gemini need approval, specific help, reasonable advice and to be regularly reassured. All this is not because Gemini isn’t confident in themselves, not at all. But he just needs to know that he is not alone. And then the Gemini will turn mountains.



Imagine the combination of Capricorn and Virgo — and you will get Pisces. Outward patience, multiplied by the rejection of reality — such a strange synthesis is typical for this sign. True, where the Virgo despair, Pisces simply doesn’t notice what is happening around, preferring to live in his own world. At the same time, dreaminess doesn’t prevent them from standing firmly on their feet. A passionate fan of fantasy or books about Harry Potter and at the same time a successful businessman is Pisces. And yes, the representatives of this sign have a remarkable talent to endure difficulties and — making efforts — to wait for their time.


Virgo has something similar to Sagittarius: for all their inner strength, they sometimes misjudge what is happening. The difference is that the Virgo sees how everything really is, but doesn’t want to admit it. And not because of stubbornness, but because it’s not ready to accept the world as it is. The power of the Virgo is tested when she is tired of reality. Well, I don’t want her to rain, I want the sun. And if there is no sun, Virgo loses interest in what is happening. The main drawback of this sign is the tendency to go with the flow. And then the whole incredible power of the Virgo remains unused.


The balance is an absolutely unbending sign; no circumstances will force them to step aside or surrender, except for one — loss of interest. This is the worst enemy of Libra, and this quality must be fought, otherwise important matters risk being thrown halfway. Representatives of this sign have a bad habit to get addicted to several things at once, to set themselves a million different goals, then to get confused in them, to misuse energy and eventually lose interest in everything. Conclusion? Take on fewer obligations, constantly work on yourself and regularly throw wood in the fire of enthusiasm.


Like Aries, Aquarius on all the pairs rushes to the intended goal, even if this goal — have time to sit in someone open lift. It doesn’t matter that the hands are occupied with food packages, the child is under the armpit, and the elevator can easily be skipped and waited for the next one; the main thing is to achieve something, overcome difficulties, even let them be invented. The ideal layout for Aquarius in this situation — if to the elevator he fled in a team of like-minded people. Yes, representatives of this sign are real collectivists, it’s more convenient and more interesting for them to work together with others. At the same time, the decision should be made by him, and the rest — enthusiastically obey. Aquarius are stubborn, clever and very, very resourceful: their resourcefulness helps them to find a way out of any situation and come to success.


Sagittarius is a kind and generous superman from the comic strip. He is strong, discreet, responsible and decent. And an optimist of broad views. In short, the representative of this sign is all good, except for one — stubbornness. Yes, Sagittarius rarely change their minds on this or that issue, even if it’s obvious that they are wrong. A wrong opinion can lead to a wrong decision. And what do you want to do with such a superman who is ready to save the world and make everyone happy, even if it’s not necessary at the moment?


Most of the processes that take place with the Scorpios are inside: first, they rarely show themselves to the surrounding people, and secondly, they are very focused on themselves. Actions Scorpio — only the tip of the iceberg, all decisions representatives of this sign take in advance, thoroughly thought everything over. It remains only to fulfill the plan. Scorpio loves to be the first, but doesn’t lose a fever and doesn’t run ahead of the locomotive, like Aries. In this sense, he is similar to Capricorn, who prefers to wait for the best moment. The internal power of Scorpio is incredible, and work capacity and resistance to stress — much higher than average. However, without high stress resistance to him in any way — Scorpio constantly gnaws from within, poisoning with reflections.


Third place in rating “The most powerful zodiac sign”. The power of the Leo is in his ability to dominate and impress. Yet leadership is a great talent and a serious force. The Leo is able to gather the right people around him, to unite them with a convincing idea, clearly set the tasks and accurately guide. An added plus is that the Leos are not afraid to take responsibility. And yet this sign easily defeats the opponent in a verbal battle, without sinking at the same time to abuse and insults. Minus the same Leo — in his fidget for compliments and, oddly enough for such a powerful seemingly personality, in his dependence on other people’s assessments.



Second place in rating “The most powerful zodiac sign”. Aries are Capricorns minus (or, after all, plus?) Excessive excitement and minus emotionally. Aries, like his neighbor in the horoscope, all the time moving forward, but rarely slows down, even if there is a reason. On the contrary, the credo of Aries is faster and faster. Aries are happy to set themselves goals and are excitedly included in their achievement. Representatives of this sign simply need to come to the finish line first and in general always and in all be number 1. Aries is inclined to get involved in the process, forgetting sometimes about the meaning of the match, and often behaves too impulsively. This comes to him sideways, especially when he makes strange decisions, guided by the momentary mood. Charisma, energy — and boyishness and ardor — that’s who Aries is.


The main powerful of Capricorn — in patience and rational approach. He is the most powerful zodiac sign. Representatives of this sign can wait, are able to adequately assess the situation and their own capabilities. If it’s obvious that right now it’s better not to go into hell, to step aside, having waited for a more suitable moment, Capricorn will do so and spit what they think about him. Happiness and success come to those Capricorns who understand to themselves that their karma is not rapid victories, but gradual victories. Well, they don’t go luck in hand, what to do. But representatives of this sign are full of internal resources, which allow them not to stop, even if everyone around was blown away. Capricorn goes through life, as if driving an SUV: it’s clear that such a car will pass anywhere, but it’s better not to climb ahead and be careful and attentive.

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