How to Be The Perfect Woman? Accepting a Man: The Main Secret of Happy Relations.

For some reason, men know how to love women in any way and in any condition. By some miracle, men know how to accept us with all ourwomen’s tricks”, thousands of types of creams for the most unexpected parts of the body, hair in the bathroom drain, “monthlypanties, orange lipsticks, candid photos in Instagram, seasonal and monthly mood changes and all-consuming jealousy. They just understand that women, in principle, are slightly similar to each other and have similar things. Therefore, they accept the rules of the game, they go with us to shopping centers, and with a bored look, they catch Pokemon, while we try on dozens of uniforms, drive us to work, let them go to the birthdays of their girlfriends and take the drunk home, silently clean the drain in the bathroom and wait, when we havethese days”.

At us, women, all is much more difficult. We want to be strong, independent, yet gentle and vulnerable, to be cared for and embraced by strong hairy hands.

Women categorically dont know how to accept men with all their giblets. We definitely need toinclude a motherand begin to educate an adult manfor himself.” Unfortunately, such grown-up children are already very much liable to change, if a man doesnt suit you, there are only two ways: leave him to the mercy of fate and go looking for someone who is better suited; or to accept and accept it as it is.”.

But how to accepting a man?

This is very difficult, accepting a man, because you just have to break all your stereotypes and change your worldview. But if you manage to make at least the first steps in the way of accepting of a man, you are guaranteed eternal happiness, contented pot-bellied creation alongside and a new fur coat.

So, the first and most difficult thing that you have to accept is that the man is the head of the family. This doesnt mean that you are turning into nothing and your task is only to prepare borscht and be beautiful. No, just accept at last the fact that if you expect a whole set of bonuses from a man tomake money, make a child, provide me a child and my mother, repair, repair a faucet, give a hand, give flowers, take for me all decisions and be responsible for our family“, then in gratitude for all this well-being, it would be prudent to give the reins of government to his hands. You have the right to vote and will be the most pre-most important in your field. But, if you dream of being near a real muscular man, please accept hissuperiority”. Accepting a man.

After all, if you can not be without a man, you depend on him. Therefore, close silly women’s magazines and stop shaking rights in those areas that you can not pull on your fragile shoulders. If you want to be with a real man, with this, from which women start to drool and dream of brood children, accept the fact that a man is a self-sufficient being. He may be with you, but he can easily do without you, if you chewed his brain. A woman is very disappointed that a man can control his emotions and get rid of discomfort in the form of a woman who saws. Let the most beloved woman in the world. A woman is very jealous of a man to his self-sufficiency and to his freedom.

For some reason, with the wordfreedom”, we immediately have before our eyes the most bad pictures with the participation of our men and foreign aunties. But freedom is not necessarily copulation with other women. A man always wants to be free in the right to choose his environment, a way to spend time and spend his money.”

How to Be The Perfect Woman? Accepting a Man: The Main Secret of Happy Relations.

A man doesnt want to feel someone’s property. Because he can not be yours. He just can let you be with him. This means that another woman can not enter your territory with respect to your man. Because there is no your territory around it, if you have not seen enough of the channelAnimal Planetand didnt write around his house. There is only his territory and only he decides who to let her in. This means that if you are with him, he considers you a worthy life partner. If his opinion changed, another woman appeared on his territory, he considers it worthy of her. It will not change how much her hair doesnt tear out and dont throw notes with threats.

In a relationship with a woman, a man has many responsibilities. He accepts it. But often a woman forgets that he has as many rights. You, too, were born not only to take off the cream from the relationship. We are used to the fact that a manshould. This tells us moms, grandmothers and girlfriends, it’s written to us in women’s magazines. But he should not draw any nichrome. He determines what he wants to do for you. If you are a little selfish nothing, accustomed only to consume in a relationship, you will lose your man. Accepting a man. Constant demands put a man back, because he has a limit of patience. If from the beginning of the relationship you have a certain advance of a good relationship to each other, then in time, the limit of patience and all the blessings by default is exhausted and everything must be earned, in the normal sense of the word. If you care about a person and wish him well, you also deserve kindness and affection. Sometimes you have to give, not thinking about what you get in return. At you after all not market attitudes or relationsyou to meI to you”.

A man needs to read, on the simple basis that he is a man. If you want to be next to a man with a capital letterM”, then recognize his authority. This will not destroy yourIand will not turn you into a secondary character. You will still be strong and independent, a businesswoman or beauty blogger, you remain a person and a respected member of your family, despite the fact that you recognize the man as the main thing”.

Of course, if a man is an assholehe really will oppress a woman and sit on her head. But you have to leave the assholes. Because they are not able to appreciate the depth of your efforts to apply the Declaration of the Accepting a Men in life. A real man will appreciate. A real man should be respected, honored, groomed and cherished. He is your authority and you believe him. Therefore, leave all attempts to unlock his phone, read the correspondence, findcluesand re-educate him. Just find the place where he dumps his dirty socks and put a basket there for dirty laundry. This is much easier than scandal, trying toteach him to order.” You will not be able to correct what his mother raised from him, because all claims to her, and not to him.

A man must obey. At least sometimes. Take his position as a reality. Its necessary to make him feel important. Then he will develop a healthy sense of responsibility, and he will strive to give everything to his family. Make him happy, and he will make you happy. It’s simple.”.

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