Rating of Husbands by Zodiac Sign: Who is the Best?

Do you want to know who the stars were awarded with the title “The best husband in the world”? Read our horoscope – the rating of best husbands by the sign of the zodiac!

12 place – Gemini

This is the husband who seems to be there, but at the same time he does not seem to be. And there is no it exactly when it is very necessary, and when you do not need it – here it is all yours, dear. With all the attendant joys of card debt, a five-day binge and a pregnant lover. He was bored and came to eat. By the way, can you lend the money? In general, to tolerate this nightmare as a husband can only for three reasons:

1) he is the god of sex;

2) he is unusually clever and enchantingly witty;

3) He is the god of sex.

Yes, he is twice a god!

11th place – Pisces

If the husband-Pisces wants something, you must give it to him immediately. And he wants wild, unrestrained sex, borscht, pens and mom. And simultaneously. Actually, with the Fish and it is necessary to live – to be a caring mom. A caring and strict mommy, who in time will spank this scab, when he again begins to whimper and stamp his feet. On the other hand, there are no husbands in the world who would be so devoted to their wives as Pisces. And you want to drive him to the fucking pigs – so figurines.

10 place – Sagittarius

Sagittarius is an ideal best husband: romantic, but practical, courageous, but gentle, a wonderful lover and caring father, to live with him is easy and pleasant. If, of course, you close your eyes, shut your ears, and speak with your mouth: “I’m in the house!” – and sincerely believe it. They say that some of Sagittarius’s wives thus managed to overlook her husband’s mistresses even in her own bed. True, sooner or later, Sagittarius still decides that he was unbearably bored and should marry again. So before the wedding you need to check his passport: if your place in the queue is his wife’s fifth or sixth, then everything is okay. There is a chance that he has become bored all the time to get married.

9th place – Scorpio

The husband is a tyrant. There are two opinions: it’s wrong. Zhenya with a wrong opinion in a moment will present a ticket to the well-equipped By the last word of technology Hell. The wife with the right opinion is equipped with a personal lifetime paradise – with blackjack and buns. Layfak: it’s not necessary to actually have a correct opinion. The main thing is to express yourself with sufficient inspiration. All the rest should also be done in an inspired manner, including the performance of marital duty, borscht cooking, and the establishment and maintenance of order in the house, in life and in the quivering soul of Scorpio. By the way, he has a door to Pig.


8th place – Cancer

Exemplary-exemplary husband, the standard of the Chamber of Weights and Measures: a handsome and charismatic good-natured, capable of falling in love with himself at first glance, the entire detachment of priobodzdnyh grandmothers; a responsible husband and father who knows for sure that he is obliged to support his family, but he must also raise children and engage in everyday life. He adores his wife, wears on his hands and spoils gifts. True, only in public. At home falls on the sofa, opens the beer, turns on the TV and turns into a pumpkin. If the pumpkin on the couch for some reason no, then it rolled away to the left. But, the truth, the wife about it never will learn, – it at Cancer not to take away.


7 place – Aries

Egoist, mot, brute and pig. The reference “real man”: smelly, hairy, face terrible, stomach tinnitus. Under his favorite sofa you can find not only dirty socks and half-eaten pizza. It’s strictly recommended not to leave Aries on the farm with children and cats, because children and cats do not know how to bite frozen ravioli. But Aries is confident that he has the best wife in the world, and tells everyone about this. Darling, honey.


6 place – Aquarius

An honorable central place goes to Aquarius – a bastard of an excellent husband. In itself, this detail requires nothing and does not cause any inconvenience: it brings a modest money, eats up the day before yesterday’s borsch and without haste cleans the cat’s tray. He spends the rest of the time in inner Mongolia, digging in imaginary piastres on the Field of Miracles. But if you arm yourself with an ax and a file, you can finish the blob to the standard rich Pinocchio. And, that is indicative, unpretentiousness, easy or light; mild character and sense of humor thus will not disappear anywhere.

Rating of Husbands by Zodiac Sign: Who is the Best?

5 place – Taurus

A devoted and caring husband. All in the house, all for the family, for the precious little wife and favorite best babies. He never betrays. He will never change. Peaceful and calm, if not bring it to the handle. So if you know where he has a pen, you can endure his brain with impunity for decades. He in return will bring in the beak the entire salary, as well as tasty food and gifts (useful). Uncomplicated at all – doesn’t require anything and is always happy with everything. Faithful, patient, kind, unbearably dreary boring beaver.


4 place – Libra

Mr. Romantics. It doesn’t matter how many years he is married, at least five, at least twenty-five, he will still admit his love in every day, give her scarlet roses, put coffee in bed and present surprises without reason. The conjugal duty performs better than the specially trained Gemini, while remaining faithful to the wife until death part them. A mysterious woman’s soul sees right through, so he does not need to explain anything, he understands everything himself. Superman, able to turn a wife’s life into a romantic tale. But here to wash a plate with you, which is characteristic, never learn.

3 place – Capricorn

Honorable third place goes to Capricorn – a man for whom one must certainly marry, if lucky enough to meet him. The truth for the beginning will have to bite a dozen or two competitors, because Capricorn – it’s just a walking set of men’s dignity: smart, handsome, honest, charming and kind. And, most importantly, Capricorn will keep all these qualities to a very old age, without becoming a grudge and a bore. He has only one drawback: he doesn’t want to marry Capricorn. Never ever. But if he did, consider, you now have a personal superhero. Human-Stability.

2 nd place – Leo

The husband is the patron. Leos are married exclusively on rare beauties – or on women who manage to convince Leo that they are rare beauties (this is not difficult). He curses his wife as a child, spoils gifts, carries on his hands and drives the handle to where she doesn’t want to go. To marry a Leo is how to adopt oneself, only with all the buns put to the lawful wife, and without the punishments laid on the disobedient daughter. True, for this it is necessary to admire Leo ceaselessly. If the Leo is not praised in time, he withers like a flower without water: everything falls off, and the Organ of Valor is in the first place. However, is this family happiness, yes?

1 st place – Virgo

Get the handkerchiefs, dear female comrades: the Virgo husband is the embodied Mr. Darcy. He is clever, handsome and well-mannered. He earns well, he cooks superbly, does not shy away from the vacuum cleaner, and he grows babies better than anyone else. Best husband-Virgo is a reliable partner who never betrays, an attentive and gentle lover and a best friend who does not need to explain anything. And now – a terrible truth: due to the boundless inner nobility Virgo always marries the most hopeless case, because: “This fool without me will disappear.” So your chances are about zero, unless you are, of course, the incarnated Bridget Jones.

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