PALMISTRY. In order to correctly interpret the location of lines, you need to know how to read lines on the palm of your hand correctly. At the same time the procedure of reading is of no small importance.

How to read lines on the palm of your hand
1. Before reading lines on the palm, you need to perform a general examination of the hand, which includes the type determination, skin condition, palm shape and finger length:

· So the palm of a square shape speaks of directness and practicality, elongated – about suspiciousness and impressionability;

Sufficiently dense skin indicates a direct character, and thin and, as it were, transparent – about the refinement of nature;

Relatively short fingers indicate the energy and some superficiality of a person, while the long ones speak of persistence and pedantry. Hand with fingers of medium length is typical for people with a restrained character.

Usually scorpions has such a hand.

After you have performed a primary examination of the brush and palm, you can directly begin reading lines. To read the lines on the palm follows in a certain order. Begin with the line of the heart. It is she who carries the basic data about the emotional state. Then one should turn to the lines of the head (mind), life, fate. To finish reading follows the study of the hillocks.

When reading each line, pay attention to its location, degree of severity, color, the presence of branches and various elements (islets, bifurcations, points, etc.). Each of these features can change the main value of the line.

The study of the hillocks makes it possible to understand the psychoemotional status of a person, the presence of his priorities in relation to various aspects of everyday life, and certain characterological features: a penchant for careerism, leadership talents, etc. In general, there are nine hillocks or hills on the palm, as they are also called.

Along with the basic elements (lines and hillocks), when interpreting lines on the palm of your hand, you pay attention to single elements and small lines that are not related to the main ones. So you can see small lines-dashes, as though cross out a line of life, mind, etc. Most often they mean certain obstacles or difficulties in the way of a person.

No less informative are the lines formed by the figures. So the asterisk, wherever it is located, bears luck to its owner, the square is protection, and the closer to a particular hill or line this element is located, the more its influence on this area of ​​life is more pronounced.

Thus, it is necessary to read the lines on the palm in a strict order, without neglecting the small elements that are able not only to clarify the meaning of the line, but also to change it.

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