How to Recover from Stress: 9 Effective Ways

Few people think how to recover after a long lasting stress, and it is known that a constant state of stress can lead to physical illnesses, such as cardioneurosis, alopecia, exhaustion, insomnia, ischemia, a decrease in the immune system etc.

In the modern world, life has a very fast pace, every person is constantly concerned about any problems and deeds. Absence of rest, constant nervous tension and stress affect the psychological state of a person. All these factors lead to stress.

Nervous tension usually arises as a response of the body to a stimulus, more often it is fatigue, fear, negative emotions.

Stress entails the production of an adrenaline hormone that speeds up the body’s processes: breathing quickens, blood circulation, the pulse becomes faster, the body seems to think that a person is in danger and provides resources for quick decision making.

However, such processes are not always required, because in the modern world a person rarely meets danger, most often the cause of stress is banal overstrain, fatigue or difficulties. Because of this reaction of the body, the heart and other organs work at a rapid pace and are depleted. That’s why you need to think how to recover the nervous system after stress.


First, you need to understand and identify the symptoms of stress, in order to relate the signs in time, detect stress and recover the nervous system:

  • irritability, tearfulness, nervousness, short temper;
  • insomnia;
  • fatigue, lack of desire to act and strength;
  • reduced concentration of attention, absent-mindedness, difficulties in work or training;
  • decreased appetite, and sometimes, on the contrary, overeating;
  • loss of interest in entertainment and leisure, unwillingness to meet with family and friends;
  • depression, pessimism.

If you find several similar symptoms in your life, it’s important not to leave things unattended, but to start recovering the nervous system.


After detecting the symptoms of overstrain, you need to immediately begin rehabilitation of the body’s internal reserves.

To recover the nervous system after a long lasting stress you need to follow a number of simple rules each day:

  1. Have a rest. When a person constantly overloads his nervous system, works in a non-stop mode, does not give himself time to rest, does not restore nerves, the body simply cannot continue to work in normal mode. Hence chronic fatigue, irritability, increased fatigue, because stress and immunity are interrelated. Restoring the nervous system after stress will help yoga, meditation, breathing practices. The first is able to establish a balance between the body and the soul, will allow a person to renounce everyday problems and relax the nervous system. Breathing practices will help restore normal breathing. As already mentioned, during the stress, breathing and heart rate increase, which overloads the heart and blood vessels. Exercises will recover sleep and generally improve the body condition. If a person cannot afford to practice yoga, then one can begin to recover the nervous system from ordinary walks in the open air.
  1. Drink green tea. Green tea is rich of useful substances that strengthen the nervous and immune systems, help to keep the body in tone and good spirits, increase efficiency and concentration, contribute to the recovery of the nervous system after stress. Tea can replace the usual morning coffee with sugar, sweet fizzy drinks and energy drinks, which have a dramatic negative effect on the human nervous system.
  1. Find some hobbies. Hobbies will help to recover after stress, as well as teach consistency and patience. In order to maximize the benefit of the lessons, it is important to find a matter for the soul that will bring pleasure and help stabilize the nervous system.
  1. Communicate with people. Communication with close people, friends, new interesting acquaintances will help to recover the nervous system after stress. Communication brings a charge of cheerfulness and good mood, allows a person to feel important for other people, forget about problems, normalize sleep after stress, improve the general condition, which will help to recover from severe stress.
  1. Gain new knowledge. Self-education or reading will help to escape from the hustle and get new knowledge and emotions, as well as to answer the question of how to recover from stress. It is very important to read not what you need to, but what you want to.
  2. Sport – one of the ways to recover from stress. Physical activities help to rid the body of excess hormone adrenaline, put all problems in their places. Moreover, it teaches ordering of actions, gives harmony to the soul and body, from all that comes the power to perform deferred deeds.
  1. A lot of factors cause stress, and adaptation, as a rule, is a long process. Therefore, it is worth approaching the solution of the problem thoroughly, including eating. First of all, you should give up drinking, which adversely affects the nervous system. You can pamper yourself with bananas, nuts, chocolate, as they are rich in serotonin – a hormone of happiness, and nuts also improve brain function. Vegetables and fruits with a small number of calories give an excellent sense of satiety, besides they are vitamined, which are necessary to improve the mental state.
  1. Sleep more. Restoration of the nervous system is impossible with the lack of sleep. It is necessary to lie down about 10 pm, so that the body can rest and get energy for the upcoming day. Many people noticed that when they went to bed 1-2 hours before midnight, they woke up more easily in the morning and also had more strength and enthusiasm during the day.
  2. Listen to music. Pleasant classical music can help to restore after stress. Accompanying a person in business or on the way to work, it will help to relax and gain harmony.

It is important to fight with such a state of stress, and adaptation after it should occur in a complex way, it’s not enough to adhere to one of the rules and consider that the nervous system will stabilized.

To restore the normal state of a person and the work of his nervous system as soon as possible, aromatic oils can be supplemented to the therapy. It should be added to the water when taking a bath. Perfectly calms the nervous system conifer and orange oils. You can make small pads-sachets of the melissa, rosemary, hops, which will be better to put on your bedside table. These scents have a beneficial effect on the nervous system.


To avoid repeated prolonged state of stress, nervousness and fatigue, it is necessary to conduct a number of activities. It is necessary to spend a lot of time outdoors, exercise moderately.

You need to take care of your diet, because it is very important to get the necessary vitamins and trace elements with food. Breaks in work, hobbies and reading will help a person to distract and protect their body and mind from overloads.

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