Prophecies of the most famous predictors – from Nostradamus and Vasily Nemchin to Vanga  and modern astrologers about savior – promise Russia well-being and a leading role in world politics and economics. However, despite the signs of strengthening the country, it is difficult to call them fully realized. Apparently, the changes that have taken place in recent years are only a preparatory period for the future prosperity with the new leader of the Russian Federation.

Since ancient times, various authors have left us their prophecies about Russia. Differing in detail, they converge in one: after passing through periods of prosperity and decline, having experienced incredible trials, Russia in the III millennium will not only achieve unprecedented prosperity, but will also become a reference point for other peoples of the world.

More Nostradamus predicted that in the XXI century. Russia will become the center of world civilization. His contemporary, the Swiss doctor, the alchemist and philosopher Paracelsus, asserted: “In that same land of hyperboreans, which no one has ever thought of as a country in which something great can happen, the Great Cross, the Divine Light from the Mountain, will shine above the humiliated and rejected , and all the inhabitants of the earth will see it. “

No less categorical and modern soothsayers. Vanga, for example, has repeatedly said that no one can stop Russia, which is destined “not only to survive, but to become the ruler of the world.”

The American clairvoyant Danton Brinky suggested: “Watch Russia: what path Russia will take, and the rest of the world will follow it the same way.” His compatriot Jane Dixon predicted for Russia the possibility of rapid and powerful development, as a result of which the revival of the world will begin from here.

Similar predictions were made not only by astrologers and clairvoyants, but also by people who based their forecasts on the knowledge of the laws of socio-historical development. Thus, Russian scientist-ethnographer, an employee of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society Lieutenant-General Valentin Moshkov, based on his theory of 400-year cycles, concluded that after a period of turmoil and decline of the late 20th century, We are waiting for an unprecedented rise in science and economics. Literally – the Golden Age in the terminology of Moshkov himself.

However, the third millennium has already come, and the first children of the new era will soon step into adulthood, and we are still painfully scrambling out of the bedraggled lush 90s. Were the prophets wrong?

I think not. Especially since the latest findings, in particular, the astrologer Sergei Popov, show that the vector of development of the historical process has not changed. “New people will come to power, patriotically oriented and intellectually appropriate to the tasks facing Russia. Russia is a global development locomotive, pulling all the others behind it, a monopoly on the most advanced technologies will pass to it, Russia will have a “bright future” and a period of prosperity. It is to Russia that the center of world politics will shift, “he said.

So it’s probably not the mistakes of the predictors. Maybe we should re-read carefully the legacy left by them? For example, the same Nostradamus in his quatrains draws attention to 2025, as the date of the beginning of Russia’s powerful heyday. But this must be preceded by a certain process, which he described as follows:

“The country is in favor of change is heavy.
Expelled dexterous, rules the same country
Cautious with a noble heart.
People change their lives everywhere. “

Immediately striking that Nostradamus’s date is very close to 2024 – the year of the end of the new president’s office, which we will have to elect in March 2018 and which is obviously called upon to make some changes and “expel the deft” (they are probably meant by corrupt officials). Apparently, it will not be Vladimir Putin.

Despite the fact that the level of Putin’s support in Russia ranges from 80 to 86%, one can not but admit that he has already carried out almost all the changes that were within his power. And, if he could “drive out the dexterous”, this would have been done long ago. Add to this the age and length of stay in a highly responsible position – and it becomes clear that the country is really coming changes.

By the way, Vladimir Vladimirovich himself is still silent about the possibility of his re-nomination. His name will forever remain inscribed in the history of Russia, but further the country, it is not excluded, will lead someone else.

But who? This question is often liked by regular propagandists and officials. Strangely enough, but it can be found in the predictions, although it is not easy to do it. The fact is that many predictors see the future fragmentary and only in general terms. If we are talking about the prophets of the past, such as Nostradamus, they often deliberately clouded their predictions, fearing persecution. In the end, many prophecies are still hidden – sometimes accidentally lost, but more often deliberately hidden.

Nevertheless, if you analyze the corpus of predictions about Russia, some conclusions can be drawn. First of all, absolutely all the predictors agree that the ruler of Russia, destined to lead the country to unprecedented greatness, will arise, as if from nowhere, and to the last one no one will know anything about it.

The famous Edgar Cayce believed that “The new leader of Russia will not be known to many people for many years, but one day he will suddenly come to power.” But long before the “sleeping prophet” Russian monk Abel, who lived in the XVIII-XIX centuries, predicted that the name of this man “will be hidden until the time.” This immediately cuts off everyone who is now on the imperious Olympus.

Abel also makes a hint at the direct name of the new leader: “In the distant future, Russia will be elected by the Chosen One of God, and his name is destined three times in the history of Orthodox Russia, and on his head is the Blessing of God.” It is unlikely that the elder was referring to the pre-imperial period of the history of the country, and among the emperors there were three names Peter and Alexander three times.

In part, this version is confirmed by the testimony of the Archbishop of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, Seraphim. In 1959, he visited Palestine, where in one of the ancient Greek monasteries, a Russian monk researcher found manuscripts of the VIII-IX centuries. with prophecies about Russia. Unknown saints fathers also write about the future of the greatness of the Russian state, making an important caveat: the heyday will occur with the leader – defender and unifier.

It is not surprising that the clairvoyant XV century. Vasily Nemchin foresaw the emergence in the third millennium of a leader who “will unite 15 leaders and create a great Russia in new borders”. This same opinion was also supported by Seraphim of Sarov, who wrote: “Russia will merge into one great sea with other lands and Slavic tribes, it will make a huge universal ocean of people.”

However, it is unlikely that this will be a unification into a single state, but, rather, into a union of states. This was said by Wang, who predicted: “The Soviet Union will be restored, but a new one”.

There is one more important prophecy that occurs in completely different visionaries: the new leader will own “unknown hitherto technologies.” But it is hardly a question of the fact that it will be some great inventor: in our time it is impossible to invent anything alone without having powerful laboratories.

The meaning of the prophecy is that the new leader will support scientists and promote new technologies. As Maria Duval wrote: “All mankind is on the threshold of the birth of a new world, in which new inventions await us, including a cure for old age, which extends life expectancy to 140 years, and Russian scientists and researchers will play a key role in all these discoveries.”

Another hint found quite unexpectedly – on one of the literary sites of the mystical poetess Aniri Sorino:

“In the beauty of the forests of Siberia, on the border of a new era,
The flame of life burned and the seed of faith sprang up.
Contrary to the frenzy of the world and for souls ready for growth,
The trails to the ancient churchyard open in the ether. “

We sum up. The new leader of Russia will propose a plan for the transformation of the country, as well as a plan for unifying the disparate states, will actively support science and technology.

This politician will have to promote the idea of ​​creating a Eurasian Union, which should include not only the former republics of the USSR, but also some European and Asian countries that will transform the Eurasian continent into a practically unified economic and political space. Secondly, he will have to have a plan for transformations based on the latest technological achievements.

Why is it important that in the near future Russia is headed by a new leader? The fact is that, as Wanga and other visionaries warned, “The Earth enters a new period of time – the time of virtues. This new state of the planet does not depend on us, it comes, whether we like it or not. “

Scientists far from mysticism speak about the same thing. For example, the British sociologist and philosopher Arnold Toynbee has developed a theory according to which mankind is periodically put before a choice – to change or perish. But it is precisely today that humanity is on the threshold of one of the greatest civilizational challenges.

The problem is that absolutely all the basic systems of civilization – economy and culture, education and scientific progress, social and political structure, have “gone all out”. We can talk for a long time about the origins of crises (including resource hunger, environmental degradation and climate change), but it is obvious that the person himself – and his creations – is responsible for their occurrence. Therefore, it is not possible to “roll back” to relatively “splendid” times, horse-drawn carriages, kerosene lamps and class estates will not work.

Experts say that we are on the verge of moving to the sixth technological order. This means not just the maximum robotization of industry and the widespread introduction of computers, but also a complete restructuring of social and political systems, and even a change in the mentality of society.

Such a transition can be planned, controlled, or natural – chaotic, long and severe. A serious confrontation of all with all – and this was also talked about by the clairvoyants of the past – is an extremely undesirable alternative to a planned entry into the new world. In the world, the elites of the previous, the fifth techno-style are still ruling, and they will until the last cling to money and power.

In any case, there is no reason to doubt that Russia will soon be headed by a man who has a well-thought-out, reasoned and balanced plan for transferring Russia – the first, if not the only country in the world – to the realities of the sixth techno-logistics.

Resources for this, unlike most other states (with the possible exception of the US and China) we have. It remains only to find a responsible, strong and effective leader in order to achieve a leading position in the world.

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