The Signs of the Zodiac Blame Themselves

Psychologists say that guilt is the most useless. Despite this, we all love to sometimes blame ourselves for something. It turns out that there is a connection between what exactly we consider ourselves to be guilty and bad, and our zodiac sign. Let’s see what the representatives of different signs like to blame themselves for.



Aries highly appreciate courage and strength, so they get upset if they notice cowardice and cowardice. The choice of comfort, rather than following the goal – this also makes Aries hate themselves.



Tauruses hate themselves for unnecessary emotions. They are difficult to ruffle, but if it happened, the calves destroy everything in their path – which they then terribly regret.



It always seems to the twins that they don’t receive enough information and communicate little, although in fact they are the most sociable and nimble. When the Gemini relax a little and allow themselves to be in peace and informational vacuums, they blame themselves for such idleness.



Cancers are tender and capricious creatures, sensitive. They always blame themselves when they have to make a choice not in the direction of feelings. Make pragmatic decisions and curse themselves for them.


Leos – people are very ambitious, to give up their own desire, to surrender to themselves for them like death. Therefore, they tend to blame themselves terribly if they had to make a compromise, even if this was the best solution.


Virgos are goddamn workaholics, so they blame themselves for idleness and excessive reverie. They repulse themselves for every minute of rest and wandering in the clouds.


Libras are diplomatic, so in case of conflicts, Libras tend to shift the blame on themselves, even if they didn’t provoke a fight. Libra, too, constantly blames himself for breaking up relations.



Scorpios love to sting and bite themselves more than other signs. The main motive of their accusations is excessive desire for comfort, indifference and indifference. If Scorpio himself manifests these qualities, he begins to hate himself.


Sagittarius blame themselves for pragmatism. In general, these are people of wide views and gestures, therefore the slightest manifestation of cowardice from their own side is perceived by them extremely painfully.


Capricorns hate themselves for manifestations of emotional weakness, when they have to go on about their feelings and abandon practicality and ideality.


Aquarians are very friendly and value freedom, both their own and others’. Therefore, they blame themselves when they notice the manifestations of possessiveness and jealousy.



Pisces are extremely impractical creatures, money means almost nothing to them. But when Pisces has to make a choice in favor of money, and not high values, they suffer terribly about it.

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The Signs of the Zodiac Blame Themselves
The Signs of the Zodiac Blame Themselves