What are the Signs of the Zodiac are Hiding


Aries will never tell you that they, in general, don’t care about your desires. And your sympathy. And antipathy. They don’t care what you feel. Aries will be very polite and even helpful – until they get from you what they need. By the way, this ethical lawlessness is called healthy egoism and exceptional purposefulness.


Taurus never confess that they are not very interested in your emotional world. Not that they were insensitive, no – just your tears and other violent reactions Taurus consider only your problem. In general, they would gladly have a bite while you’re crying. Or you laugh. They don’t care, well, you understand.


Gemini are so light and airy – ah! But for some reason, next to them, you become so talkative that you don’t notice how you blurt out top secret information. And here your place is occupied by someone else, and friends (and not very) whisper and look askance in your direction. It seems that someone doesn’t know how to keep secrets. Now do you understand who?


Cancers will never tell you how cleverly they manipulate your emotions. Here, it would seem, they are so dull and hypochondriac, and you are drawn to them and drawn. So ask them how it works. They will not answer you anything, they will be offended that you call them manipulators, pout and be silent. You rush to straighten the pillows and ask for forgiveness. Well, you got caught.



Leos are afraid that everyone will understand that they are not such kings. Therefore, it is strongly recommended not to ignore orders and make comments about the Leo’s appearance – subjects don’t behave this way. Even when you see that the smart mane is an invoice, and the golden quilts are not gold.


Virgo fears that they will be accused of tediousness and pettiness. And then there’s every reason: if you ever had to plan something for a couple with a Virgo, you know exactly what it’s about. Prepare to write detailed reports, keep checks and learn lists of rules and requirements that Virgo will surely give you. And don’t waste – do you hear? Don’t waste the sacred time of the Virgin, if your intentions are not serious enough.


Libra is very worried about its inability to make a choice. And if the matter concerned only small things – so, in fact, it is the same in global issues. Start a few romantic relationships with different people at once – very much in a Libra. So if you want to get rid of someone who was born under the sign of Libra, just throw him a lot of different options – let him suffer. And you watch.


Scorpios will never show you their pain. Perhaps, this is the only sign of the Zodiac, whose dark side looks very even worthy. They will torment you with their indifference, skillfully ignore your existence, sign a non-existent petition to send you far away – but you will never know that they really adore you.


Sagittarians never admit to you that they have something to hide. It’s unlikely that anyone has more “skeletons in the closet” than Sagittarius, and there is hardly anyone who will so persistently deny their presence. In general, you will find at least one drawback in Sagittarius and report to him about it – blame yourself. And no hint of a tarnished reputation – at Streltsy it is crystal!


Capricorns never admit that they don’t feed their bread – give me a little snort. And since they never admit it, they lurk mostly with themselves, which, of course, negatively affects the fragile psyche. It’s good that Capricorns are pretty tough guys, so they stick. But then they still break up and lisp.


Aquarius will forget to tell you that everything that you are so interested in Aquarius – was invented by the Aquarians themselves. That seems to be honest eyes – and lies Aquarius folded, juicy and beautiful. That is, they don’t lie, they write. But what difference does it make to you if half of what Aquarius told you about yourself, about the world and about your place in this world is just an invention?


Pisces will never tell you that the reverse side of their deep inner world, of all these wake-up flights and so on is a complete mess in material matters. No, they will be much more calculating than many – otherwise they wouldn’t have survived. And now think, on whose money will you buy a bottle of wine, which you will drink on the balcony, admiring the stars and listening to poetic Fish speeches? And by the way – one bottle of Pisces is never enough.

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