How to start a new life

Life is a complicated thing, but interesting, there is always good and evil in it, joy and sorrow, love and hatred. However, life is beautiful precisely by its diversity – you never know what tomorrow is preparing for you-rise or fall. And if now you are experiencing a difficult moment in your life, and it seems to you that life is destroyed, it’s not clear how to live on.

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Past in the past

A person for various reasons is in desperate situations, for someone it’s the death of a loved one, divorce, a serious illness, loss of work or property, and so on. It’s very hard for you right now, but what happened happened and it’s already in the past. The chain of events led to the collapse, so you need to learn from the experience so that in the future you don’t step on the same rake. Remember, what doesn’t kill us makes you stronger.

Of course, you will endlessly analyze what happened, blame yourself or someone else for what happened. Don’t think that it would be if … History doesn’t have a subjunctive mood. A person can not change the past, no one knows if the circumstances were different, it would be worse or better for you. Try not to go back to the past for self-torture, as hard as it was not. Learn to enjoy the new day and think positively.

A useful training for a positive attitude: every evening before going to bed, try to remember what positive emotions brought you the outgoing day.

Your assets

In order to start building a new life, evaluate what you own at the moment. The first answer is – nothing, but it’s not. A person has lived a certain number of years, and he is no longer as helpless as at birth. Life experience has been accumulated, professional skills and knowledge have been obtained, and, based on this, it is possible to draw up a plan for the future.

Perhaps there are some savings or unnecessary things that can be sold, because at the initial stage, every penny is in the account. Maybe in the past you were a wealthy person or held a high post, but if now you have a question to survive – don’t hesitate to undertake any work.


You start life from scratch, but you are not alone. Look around you, there are relatives and friends, there are colleagues or just acquaintances. Someone can help, someone advice – don’t hesitate to ask for help.

With the development of the Internet there are many sites where people are grouped by interests – start communicating there. Real and virtual communication with different people will bear fruit, and you will get a double benefit. First, share your misfortune, and, as you know, the more you tell about the problem, the less you will be and the less for you. Secondly, help can come from where you least expected it.

A great help at the beginning can be various social services or volunteer programs that help those in need on a variety of issues. This is most often free advice on legal issues, psychological help, food and overnight.

Separately, I want to note for you that communicating with people, and especially when you are in the “disassembled” state, it’s easy to run into rogues, so be vigilant. Don’t be afraid to accept help from strangers, but remember – no one will help you better than yourself.

Depression? There is no time for it

Without a doubt, a catastrophe in life is the direct path to depression. To suffer, of course, it is necessary, but not for long, otherwise the depression will be prolonged, and medical treatment will be required. The organism is that invaluable resource about which it’s necessary to care and protect it in any circumstances. Often, during a depression, a person looks for oblivion and relief in alcohol, but this is a dangerous way. And at the start of a new life, he certainly is not an assistant.

There is still such advice: if you think that everything is bad for you – find someone who is even worse and help him. On the one hand, you will understand that you are not so bad, on the other – you will be satisfied that you helped your neighbor, who is worse.

One way to bring thoughts after stress into order, are physical education. Even the ancient Greeks said that in a healthy body – a healthy mind. Namely, we need a healthy spirit to order our thoughts, get rid of the burden of negative thoughts, to stop being nervous and really, to live a new life. Choose a lesson to your liking and temperament. Someone will do aerobic exercises: jogging, dancing, someone will find themselves in yoga, swimming, cycling, someone in aggressive sports: boxing, martial arts. If the funds are not allowed to engage in sports clubs – don’t despair: running and charging in the open air are available for everyone.

In any case, the sport is very disciplined, and, as a bonus, after each session, the hormone endorphin is produced, which is called the hormone of joy. So, after 30-40 minutes of training this useful hormone is produced for another two hours. In addition, this hormone is responsible for poise, emotional stability, the ability to resist stress.


Look at yourself and your situation from a positive point of view. Do many people get a chance to start life from scratch? Try to do things that he never did and prove to himself that you are worth something in this life. Moreover, stressful situations often reveal hidden talents, which can grow into a hobby, and then into a profession.

Give yourself a psychological attitude: believe in yourself, your abilities, the qualities of your character. If you feel that you don’t have any skills, start developing them. Know yourself and the world around you and don’t be afraid to take risks. Remember, it’s better to do and regret than not to do and regret.

Be confident and active, then you will no doubt get a new life, even if it does not happen on the first attempt.

Remember, as one of the great people said: “Life is a wonderful adventure, worthy of the fact that for the sake of luck and failures.”

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