Types of Relationship Between the Signs of the Zodiac

Why do we treat two different people equally well, but at the same time, relations with them are completely different? How does the sign of the zodiac affect the types of relationship, what laws and rules apply here? Without a full analysis of horoscopes, it’s impossible to draw a detailed conclusion about the relationship between two people, but they can even give an initial assessment on such a general indicator as the position of the Sun, namely, the Sign of the Zodiac in which it is located. Read about types of relationship.

Type of relationship #1

Let’s start with the very first type of interaction – the location of the Sun of both partners in the same zodiac sign. The most frequent couples with this position are Aries and Leos, and this is not surprising, because the Sun is in exaltation and a monastery here, therefore Leos are attracted by a playful and imposing Leo, and Aries are not indifferent to quick and sincere representatives of their sign. Most often, such relationships develop when a woman projects onto a man the image of her father, sees in him a reflection of his character and type of energy. Also often successfully enter into a relationship with their zodiac sign Libra and Virgo. The rest can also be quite happy together with their sign, but with certain indicators in the horoscope.

Type of relationship #2

The next type of interaction is the union of opposite signs of the zodiac. The “I-You” or otherwise type of relationship — the “union of opposites” is not as common as it may seem. People can meet at the wedding, or converge after the initial quarrel. Despite the conventional wisdom about the “attraction of opposites,” in practice, such alliances are not so often formed due to excessive emotional, energetic tension in a couple. If we talk about the tendency to compromise, then that type of relationship is most characteristic of the mutable signs: Gemini – Sagittarius, Pisces – Virgo, as well as for the axis Aries – Libra. This type of relationship can be called 1-7, because one character will be the seventh from the first.

Type of relationship #3

Relationship type 2-12 is formed when the neighboring signs of the zodiac join the union. Such a marriage is characterized by a large number of material ties and jointly resolved financial issues. Under adverse circumstances, people can understand all their lives, who earned how much, and who owes how much to whom. In a positive way, people are united by a common cause, the desire for family prosperity. But in any case, someone will feel like a sponsor, and someone – dependent. Relations of this type are most characteristic of signs under the control of Mercury and Venus: Taurus, Gemini, Virgo and Libra, although, of course, there are other options.

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Type of relationship #4

The next very positive type of relationship 3-11 is formed on a friendly basis: often people studied together at school, college, lived next door, met in the company of friends. Often, such alliances are too frivolous, and may not withstand lengthy trials, unless, of course, the basis is not based on the reinforcing aspects of the beneficent planets and Saturn. The most typical of this type of relationship for Gemini and Aquarius.

Type of relationship #5

The most common and one of the strongest unions occurs by the ratio of signs 4-10. It can be called a “marriage of convenience”, although this is not quite so. Acquaintance can be formed under the influence of parents, marriage often fits into family values, foundations, occurs between people of the same race, nationality, faith, tradition, similar social status. Such a union is stress-resistant, inside it there is a clear division into truly “female” and purely “male” duties, each in this union is engaged in its part of the general life. Most often in such marriages Moon and Saturn – Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn, Aquarius feel well.

Type of relationship #6

The brightest of types of relationship, most direct and playful union is formed by the ratio of signs 5-9, counting from its zodiac sign. At the heart of this union is the thirst for love and the desire to have children. People can meet at the institute, on a trip, on vacation, at a club party, in a movie or theater. How fully dreams and hopes come true throughout life depends not only on the position of the Sun, but also on the horoscope as a whole. Such alliances are unstable to the negative influences of the environment, and therefore can dissolve immediately, as soon as the initial emotional charge “burns out”, if there are no other fastening aspects in the horoscope. Relations in this case are established between representatives of one element, so there are no special preferences for signs here – every partner in such a union would equally like to feel happy and loved.

Type of relationship #7

The type of relationship 6-8 is often found in the signs of the zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Libra, Scorpio, Virgo. Such relationships can develop in a stressful situation, when one rendered support to another, and a spark flashed between people. Also in this alliance there is a lot of jealousy and passion, so the relationship could start directly as a result of a match in sexual preferences, and it could also be a marriage with the material interest of one of the partners. Union can be very long-term, if the spouses will maintain mutual passion at the proper level.

The above types of contacts are “outlined” very schematically, you can even say superficially, and therefore, if you recognize yourself or your friends in them, don’t rush into loud conclusions until you get a full overview of the relationship horoscope and these characteristics don’t harmoniously intertwined with the overall picture of your interactions. But, anyway, in any pair you will definitely find the features of the characteristics presented here.

Types of Relationship

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Types of Relationship Between the Signs of the Zodiac
Types of Relationship Between the Signs of the Zodiac