What to Expect?

We ourselves are subject to unnecessary suffering by building high and unwarranted expectations. Undoubtedly, there is something that absolutely everyone deserves when it comes to relationships. What to expect? For example, respect, but if you expect something more, you may be deeply disappointed.

Understand that a person is each in his own stage of life and his words, deeds will be a direct reflection of this. What to expect from the surrounding people? If you are looking for a more successful and happy relationship, you should stop expecting the following:

  1. Don’t expect others to do what is right according to your standards.

The formation of ethics, morals of each person depends on many factors, such as upbringing, culture or religious beliefs. For example, in some many Asian countries, dog meat is considered a delicacy, it’s absolutely normal for them to eat meat from animals that we keep as pets. Or another example: you never use foul language, but your friend, on the contrary, swears like a shoemaker. Is he doing right? In the eyes of some – definitely not. But if you expect from others around the right (in your opinion) actions – you just get disappointed. Adhere to your own principles and allow others to live as they like, if it doesn’t harm you or your loved ones.

  1. Stop waiting for those around you to be perfect and ideal.

If you consider imperfections ideal, you’ll never be disappointed. Many people can blame others for their mistakes. Don’t encourage perfectionism, since such an unhealthy desire to make everything ideal can lead to depression, chronic diseases and a high probability of suicide, according to the scientific journal Review of General Psychology.

Let others make mistakes. Imagine what the world would be like if no one ever made a mistake. We would all become soulless robots, and such a reality would hardly have liked someone.

  1. Don’t expect others to agree with your every word.

Even the closest ones will not always agree with you, so don’t be discouraged if someone’s opinion is different from yours. What to expect? Our life would become terribly boring if everyone always agreed with everything. Our unique points of view and beliefs allow our world to evolve and evolve.

Imagine what would happen if everyone continued to use organic fuel. In such cases, we would never know what solar panels and electric cars are, since no one would want to go against public opinion.

  1. Stop expecting others to read your mind.

For some people, intuition is developed to a greater degree, but all the others cannot read other people’s emotions and feelings so subtly. If you feel good people and their feelings – it doesn’t mean that everyone else can. What to expect? Not everyone can be psychic, so try to express your thoughts as clearly as possible so that others don’t have to guess what is on your mind. Open communication helps build stronger relationships, which is also a plus.

  1. Don’t expect to be helped to rise every time you fall.

Undoubtedly, your loved ones will help you when you need it, but don’t expect that they will always be there. What to expect? Try to understand them, they may have their own problems and they cannot solve your problems at the same time, even if they really want to. This doesn’t mean that they don’t care, just sometimes you need to control yourself and solve your own problems.

  1. Don’t expect that others will always understand you

“Not everyone will be able to understand your life, and this is normal, because in the end it’s your life and nobody else’s.” – Author Unknown

As long as you understand yourself, you will not need anyone else’s recognition and will no longer hurt you if someone doesn’t understand you.

  1. Don’t expect people to treat you the same way you treat them.

Ideally, everyone should follow this golden rule, but unfortunately we don’t live in a ideal world. It’s necessary to accept the fact that some will treat us badly because they are not able to establish real relationships with themselves. Take a look at it from the other side and sympathize with such people, and you’ll no longer be hurt if someone doesn’t answer you with kindness in response.

  1. Don’t expect the person to remain exactly the same as a year ago.

People change due to circumstances and experience. Every day a person leads an internal struggle, about which no one but him knows. Don’t forget about it if you want to condemn someone. Love a person whether he has changed or not, even if he doesn’t meet your standards.

  1. Don’t expect that others will always have everything smoothly.

Life is full of unexpected turns and some take a little longer than others to put everything in its place. Show sympathy to others and understand that each person is trying to the limit of their capabilities. Focus on what good you can bring to this world and stop controlling or condemning how others live.

  1. Don’t expect others to love you if you yourself can not love yourself

Any relationship begins and ends with you, so learn to love yourself if you want someone else to love you. If you use others to give you love that you cannot give yourself, this will only lead to strained and insincere relationships. However, once you learn to love yourself, your relationship will immediately begin to flourish.

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