Why am I So Tired All the Time?

Nowadays, many people experience chronic tiredness. In general, everything seems to be in order, there is no need to go to the doctor, but the state of health is far from the best. After the advice of friends, when you take another vacation, you’re in the same state, despite the fact that you get enough sleep and distract from problems. Why am I So Tired All the Time? 

Why it happens? We have such a stressful modernity – a lot of work, a lot of nerves, a lot of issues that need to be resolved. Very often we have to go ahead, forgetting about tiredness. Often, the strength to move on is no longer enough. A few simple tips will help you make a difference if you often experience a breakdown.

  1. Why am I So Tired All the Time?  Try to get enough sleep, the weekend is not enough for a good sleep. To combat tiredness is very important full sleep.


  1. Small physical exertion in the morning has not harmed anyone, so don’t be lazy to do exercises. To get a charge of energy for the whole day, 15 minutes of charging is enough. Even if you think that you don’t have the strength to exercise, exercise is still worth it. A set of exercises will start the mechanism of energy addition. Without doing exercises, you will continue to tire, because the forces will have no place to take.

  1. Be sure to have breakfast, so that your body is saturated before you get down to business. Remember the saying: “eat breakfast yourself, share lunch with a friend, and dinner …”, well, you know.


  1. Eat fewer calories, but this is not a call for fasting. Just take into account that your body has to expend energy to process and assimilate food. The body should not spend too much energy on the assimilation of food eaten, otherwise it will not have enough energy for other tasks. There is a need to measure, and the healthiest way to eat light food. Stop and finish the meal when you feel that you have eaten, but could eat some more.
  1. Don’t abuse the food additives, although they can improve the metabolism, if properly chosen.


  1. Why am I So Tired All the Time? Rest the body will help the course of detoxification. For example, using the method of Dr. Elson Haas, who recommends for a week to eliminate from the diet all kinds of “chemistry”. Products such as sugar, nicotine, alcohol, caffeine should also be excluded. Eat more raw vegetables, berries, fruits, consume nuts, vegetable juice, broth, cereal porridge. After seven days, see what the difference is.
  1. You can get very tired because of problems associated with the thyroid gland, so it’s advisable to go to an endocrinologist.


  1. You need more sun, companionship, so get more fresh air. This will help reduce the amount of hormones cortisone and adrenaline, with which we in stressful situations, we are going to and overcome difficulties. Due to stress, fatigue, the production of these hormones increases, which is very harmful for the body.
  1. Why am I So Tired All the Time? Try to be more organized, make plans for the day and immediately determine what heights you intend to achieve. Don’t refuse promises to eat healthy food, do exercises in the morning or go to the doctor. This, of course, isn’t easy, but only first, then it will be easier.


  1. Fight stress, don’t despair, don’t let tiredness control your life. Act, think positively, and no stress can bear it. Find time to meditate to help you relax and get in shape quickly.


These tips are very simple, effective, as recognized by the best experts.

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Why am I So Tired All the Time?
Why am I So Tired All the Time?