Yin Yang Love Compatibility in Astrology

Yin Yang Love Compatibility. As is known, Yin is a woman’s beginning, Yang is a man’s beginning, Yin is a passive principle, Yang is an active principle. It would seem that everything is simple men in relationships Yang, women Yin, o what else can I talk about?

However, in practice, everything looks different. As a part of life we meet active women and passive men. It turns out that everything is very simple to explain with a personal horoscope.

Then Yin and Yang will remain. You need to look to Yin or Yang is a sign. If the sign refers to Yin, then add one to Yin, if to Yang, then add one to Yang. Far from looking at the sign of the moon in Yin sign Moon or in Yang. Having combined the position of all planets, you will receive some quantity of plan in Yang signs and some quantity in Yin signs. Then the principle that scored the most points, and that prevails in your character! It happens that Yin and Yang coincide. In this case, much attention will be paid to the position of the Sun and the Moon, if they are found in the Yin or Jang signs, then the balance of the weights will predominantly be in favor of one or another principle. Let’s say us got 5 planets in Yin and 5 planets in Yang, but at that Sun and Moon are located in Yang signs. This is clearly an indication that the principle of Yang (the masculine principle) in your character is predominant.

What does it give to us? If your horoscope is dominated by Yang, then you are a courageous, enterprising, active person. Therefore, in personal relationships, you aspire to take the position of a leader, to take control of yourself. If Yang Yin prevails, then you are more inclined to passivity, to follow the initiative of other people. You give a great reaction to what is happening, what forms this event. Yin Yang Love Compatibility.

Now consider different combinations. They are all three.

Yin – Yang love compatibility.

This is the best option for relationships. The one that yang dominates in the horoscope, takes initiative in his hands, and the person who dominates Yin easily takes up the initiative. Relations develop harmoniously, in them there is a clearly expressed leader. Well, if the Yang principle is expressed by a man, then he is the main family. If Yang is stronger than a woman, then she will be the main family, and men will not fulfill their traditional role. A matriarchal family will be obtained. But, whoever was in the role of Yang and Yin, in any case the union remains harmonious. So couples can easily make decisions, they rarely quarrel.

Yang – Yang love compatibility.

In this case, inside the pair, there will always be a struggle for leadership. Came two temperamental and strong character. The union is usually passionate, but in it there are many quarrels and conflicts. Early or later someone will win (if y someone from the partners is much greater than Yang, for example, if y is 6 Yang, and y is your spouse 9, then the Yang-principle is expressed y more clearly), or there will be an alternate seizure of power. Such relations this is a constant struggle, which makes them saturated, interesting, but complicates the stage of grinding in a friend. You are recommended to divide spheres of influence, each specific issue must be decided by the one who is more competent in it.

Yin – Yin love compatibility.

Pass two passive principles. Here conflicts arise less frequently, but it is difficult for a couple to make a decision. They constantly strive to give way to each other and in the result the debt is doubted, everyone is afraid to take the initiative. Because of your inaction, you can miss the opportunities of the masses, and so you also recommend that you share the responsibilities let each of you learn to answer and make decisions in the area that is closer to you.

Yin Yang Love Compatibility. Whatever you do, astrology, fortune telling, numerology or other practices, sooner or later you will come to the conclusion that all problems with health, energy, destiny, karma, relationships, etc. have their roots at once on several levels physical, psychological, mental. Knowing the future or your destiny doesn’t save you from troubles, health problems or personal life. The keys to solving all problems are in “here and now.” There is a technique that works specifically with the causes and roots of problems at all levels.

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Yin Yang Love Compatibility in Astrology
Yin Yang Love Compatibility in Astrology