Monday is a heavy day. This is at least once checked by myself everyone. Knowing your Sign of the Zodiac, you can strengthen your energy to conquer the career ladder and just get distracted on the first working day.

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Joke Horoscope: How the Zodiac Signs Comes to Work on Monday


Aries, as a rule, the boss or in the depths of the soul seeks to be. Therefore Aries can come to work rather early, despite the stormy weekend. And even if Aries is hopelessly late, everyone will be guilty of everything, but not himself. And not Leo – Leo is always a priori always right.


Taurus to work is difficult to get up, but the material benefit outweighs the desire to sleep a little longer. Taurus winds up several alarm clocks, drinks a few cups of coffee, but at work he will most likely be on time. Slowly and persistently, with the persistence of the tank, he will take to storm the career ladder, reminding himself of the increase in salary, and compete with Taurus, unless Capricorn.


Gemini are the hardest to come to work on Monday. Unlike the Virgo, Gemini didn’t go to bed at 9 pm, and unlike Capricorn, Gemini on Monday doesn’t even motivate the salary. Therefore, often Gemini carefully invent excuses, so as not to go to work at all. And even more often these excuses are thrown by the Universe itself. I didn’t come on time, because the keys to the house were carried by the oncoming airplane – it’s about Gemini.



Sometimes the Zodiac signs sit in a puddle. So, Cancer on Mondays is torn between feeling and duty. The angel on the left tells him: “Go to work, it’s time for you to be in the subway, look, we’ll be late, there will be problems!”. A little imp, on the right advises: “Don’t go there at all! Be late for three hours! And let this Virgin doesn’t look at you with such condemning eyes! “. In whose direction the scales will bow, sometimes even Cancer himself doesn’t know until the last.



The Leo is late for work. And he doesn’t even need to be the boss for this – everyone is already accustomed to the fact that on Monday the radiant person puts himself in order a little longer to appear before his retinue in all its glory. The retinue can grumble and take decisive action – but they will all be crushed to the nines by Leo’s self-confidence.

Joke Horoscope: How the Zodiac Signs Comes to Work on Monday


Virgo come to work helps self-discipline. Remembering about the unfinished project or not sent a report, the Virgin can no longer bask in bed and goes to labor exploits. And, having earned, the Virgin can do it not only on Monday, but also on Sunday. And even during the vacation, being in general in another country.


Scales for work are sent reluctantly. As a rule, every self-respecting representative of Libra dedicates to the beauty of the world, and Monday has very few people to talk about the last exhibition that Libra went with Pisces. By the way, if Pisces work in the same department as Libra, on Monday morning as many as two employees will think about high. But they also make up for lost time, when, for example, Gemini is exhausted.


Monday Scorpio directly depends on how he spent the weekend. If it’s great, then all his colleagues will breathe a sigh of relief: Scorpio will arrive satisfied and will be taken off the case. But if the weekend went by so-so, Scorpio will lose all the other Signs of the Zodiac. Get out to work, he can only to get the same prize, which he unfairly took in the last quarter of Gemini, Virgo with Capricorn or any colleague whom Scorpio doesn’t like for several years.


Sagittarius on Mondays often gushes with ideas. He is the very employee who will happily take up the brainstorm when the Virgo is not yet awake, and Leo has already left for dinner. But sometimes the opposite happens to Sagittarius: he becomes listless and doesn’t react to timid attempts of higher-ups in the career service to motivate him with money or other means that don’t inspire Sagittarius.


Capricorn – this is the very sign of the zodiac, which on Monday is the first to turn on the light in the office, make tea, and then with a glare looks at all who appeared later. Capricorn does not even need to be a boss – it’s embarrassing itself before Capricorn, who at 9 am already had time to drink coffee and redo half of the work there, where no foot step of another employee ever stepped.


Aquarius does not like to go to work on Monday, so he often works remotely, in free graphics or himself. Even Aquarius can forget that you have to come to work at all. But if the work is a favorite, you can find him there on Saturday and Sunday, and then for a long time to beg to go on vacation, until Aquarius finally settled in his workplace.


Pisces on Mondays swim with the flow. Usually the current slowly brings them to work, when half of the tasks have already been taken by other employees. However, Pisces will certainly answer them well, touched, and may even linger later on Friday. But in time appeared on the first working day of the week Pisces is a rarity, and usually it is protected by the whole team.

In order not to waste time on Monday, gain strength. Feel yourself in tonus will help a simple self-massage, which you can do yourself, on the way to work (or even at work). We wish you good luck!

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