How to use incense

Types of incense and how to use incense

The most common type of incense is considered to be aromatic sticks, made on a bamboo base. They are made from a bamboo straw with an admixture of aromatic oil. Aroma butter is made from shavings of trees, for example, juniper, sandalwood, herbs, essential oils … When buying, you need to always be attentive to the fact that sticks do not always have a natural product, sometimes it is replaced with synthetic fibers. The smell from them will be strong, but here the effect is zero. The candle should not burn, it is enough to ignite it and then extinguish it. It wakes up smoldering and thereby filling the room with fragrance. For such candles there are also special supports.

The next way is how to use incense. Use a cone or a carbon stick. There is no straw bamboo and the smell, by the way, too. For too there are supports.

There are also “plasticine” incenses. They are made from bases – essential oil and fragrant herbs. The connecting base is honey, a resin of fragrant tree species and melted milk. Incense from non-natural material is very rare.

From the pressed grasses, sawdust of trees are made kegs and cones. This is the most natural type of incense. For them, it is not necessary to select a special stand.

There are still resinous incense, myrrh, incense, etc.). They are made of herbs. You need a special censer. Censer can be either stone, or clay or metal. There are with covers in which there are small holes. There are also some that can be hung, for example, it can be a censer. In the censer poured large salt or sand, only half, put a carbon pill and lit. They light up quickly, if suddenly it does not work, sprinkle a little with alcohol. The main thing is not to overdo it. If you put in incense, then no more than 3 grains, and besides, that the grass should be finely chopped, no large and whole leaves.

Essential oils are also used as incense. They can be from trees, and maybe from grasses. In a special container, a little warm water is poured and a couple of drops of oil are added. After the candle is lit, that is under the cup of this aromatic lamp.